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This is the final project I have to share from the things I created for Tim Holtz (seen at CHA). It was an idea that I’d had in my mind for quite a while, to do something with one of Tim’s canvases…

The great news is that it worked! The 12×12¬†burlap panel worked great – as it was a nice background already done for me I just added some paint, ink, paper, metal bits… and played!

Some distress stickles, embossing, some stenciling with die cuts…

I created this in one sitting. Because I was able to just use some paint and inks to do a bit of background (vs starting from scratch) it made this possible in a number of hours – vs the usual which is days.

In fact- I’m going to teach a class based off of the ideas I used here (students will have freedom to create ANY look/scene they choose) and teach it at Stamper’s Corner in Elk Grove on the 19th. Assuming I get the thumbs up from students – I may bring it to other stores and/or repeat it.

Here’s some insider info: I’m currently working on another one (with different product and look) that I will share next month during camp scrap.

image links to supplies used:

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  1. I love your sun. It is so fun and happy looking. I would love an on-line canvas class. Do you have any in the works that you can tease us with? People living in California are so lucky that they get to have you live.

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