100% guaranteed scrapbooking happiness.

Did the title of today’s post get your attention? Do you want to know that secret to guarenteed success and happiness?


here it is…

the secret is that you have to embrace imperfection.

It’s really that simple. Embrace that not all projects are going to turn out how you envisioned, that some are going to not measure up, that some aren’t going to make everyone jump up and cheer. Be ok with that, expect it. Know that not all techniques, colors, or products are going to come easily and some may never work for you either.

That’s the big secret.

Some find their area of excellence and stay put. Don’t venture out, therefore rarely failing because they stay snug within the parameters of what they can do. Others jump all over the map wildly either unafraid or simply too interested in crafting in general to be concerned with staying put in one box. Most fall somewhere in the middle – it all comes down to what you like.

What brings this up today is just that I had someone ask if I love every project, how to get where I am where there is no messing up. I had a good belly laugh.

You know what is the most interesting to me?

Some of my least favorite projects, some of the ones I’d deemed a semi-fail or just didn’t like?

Sometimes those are ones other people love the most!

So go figure. I don’t let the opinions of other crafters influence my style, dictate what I do or don’t do. When I craft, I do ‘judge’ myself but it’s to be expected. I’m not harsh on myself – but I do ask things like if I’m in a rut, or if I did something I am particularly happy with. I suppose evaluate is a better word. I try to be aware of what I’m doing, why, and where I think I’m heading.

That random deep thoughts session aside, hows about a layout share? I’ve been so crafty around here – lots of projects happening. this is a layout I just completed featuring the new Anthologie line from We R Memory Keepers:

funny thing: I noticed as I was uploading photos that I didn’t finish the journaling. WHOOPS! I’ll have to get on that. I do love the soft aquas of this line. Really nice for photos that are random in color (like mine!)


Actually, today’s post goes great with a card I just made (using left-overs from the layout above):

You see making cards is something I’ve been doing to stretch my creative muscles. I’m NOT good at it, I have a very hard time making cards I like. I would say 1 in 20 come out in a way that I go “yay! love this one!” The solution? Well literally rubbing the shoulder of one of my card making idols (Kristina Werner) this winter might have helped a tiny bit… but really the only answer is to keep at it! And so I will…

Have a crafty weekend!

9 thoughts on “100% guaranteed scrapbooking happiness.”

  1. Thanks for that therapy session 🙂
    Thanks also for the continuous flow of inspiration. It’s not as easy as you make it sound but ‘letting go’ definitely helps me. As you say, my results are often not as great as I want them to be but just experiencing that release is a buzz for me, so making it all worth while and so much FUN! 🙂

  2. Hi May,
    You always surprise me with your ideas and creativeness . I am glad that you are enjoying what you do.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. I think I’m the wildly jumping because I’m too interested in crafting kinda gal! It is great because I get to try so many fun things and usually enjoy all the stuff I call ART even when others may not call it that!
    I had to laugh at your incomplete journaling! I’ve done that cuz I get jumping to the next project too fast! Haha. You are so real, May. I so enjoy your blogs! And I love all of what you post!

  4. This must be the “words” of the day. I was listening to PRT and Dina kept saying,….I just go with it, I just leave it etc.
    and here you are saying the same thing – go with the flow.
    Love the layout and thanks or all the inspiration.

  5. What a LOVELY. playful card!!! It’s sure to bring a smile to their face with all those cheerful colors….GREAT JOB!!!!

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