Announcing: Camp Scrap 2012

What does my crafting have to do with the tradition of Summer Blockbuster movies? Well… I’ve got some epic craftiness coming your way – check it out!

digital elements used in above image from by Katie Pertiet.

< It’s time to announce that Camp Scrap is coming back in 2012!

Originally dreamed up as a 4-week online course that I taught at Big Picture Classes back in June 2010, I get requests to do it again almost every week! Yes, it was one of my most popular classes and today I’m VERY happy to announce there will be a sequel this summer. Students loved the relaxed atmosphere, the plentiful inspiration, and the pure creative FUN of Camp Scrap. I’m bringing all of that back – and more – with a few twists.

First of all, Camp Scrap is being extended to run from June 11 – July 27th – nearly double the length of the original.

Secondly, Camp Scrap is the perfect price for any budget: FREE.

That’s right, I will be posting new projects, tutorials, and videos every Monday >; Friday right here at! You can get all of the content through your rss reader (google reader, etc), through subscribing to my blog via email, or just visiting my blog directly.

I also want to tell you that we will have some outstanding sponsors for this event – including Big Picture Classes. They are creating a gallery + message board for all participants interested – FREE.

I will share more information about that, a blinkie for Camp Scrap for those interested, and a lot more at the end of next month.

I just couldn’t keep this a secret any longer and HAD to let you know about it! Students in my Field Guide class (which is just finishing up – and such a fun group!) had the heads up – and the feedback I’m getting already is VERY exciting.

If you have questions, thoughts, or just want to shout out your excitement with me please feel free!!! I’ve got a notebook chalk full of ideas, and I’m already preparing for this epic summer event…






If you have a etsy shop, on-line shop, company, or blog you’d like to promote, I do have a select few sponsorship opportunities available. If you are interested in being a sponsor of Camp Scrap email for full information.

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  1. When I click on the video, this is the message I get:
    This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

  2. some countries + youtube have funky deals. Sorry yours is one of them. I will upload a version without sound and add a link to that. This post has all the info that is in the video, so you’re not missing out on content at least.

  3. I am not a camper but I think I will make an exception for you LOL
    Seriously, sounds like an awesome project!! Congratulations on pulling it all together. I am sure it is TONS of work.

  4. So exciting! Looking forward to camp! I still have a camp scrap 2010 inspiration booklet hanging on my bulletin board!

  5. WOW!!!!!!!!!! There has been so much info in your current class that I can’t wait for summer camp.
    Thank you!!

  6. Oh my goodness this looks like so much FUN. I just started getting ‘inky with it’ due to your blog – which is a stretch for me. (so thank you) I can’t wait to see what you have in your notebook.

    BTW, love your energy and enthusiasm!


  7. Hi May,
    thanks for having this free class. I am so sorry I missed it first time around. Techi question: Is the USA one of the countries where your video with sound is blocked? That’s the message I got when I clicked on the sound version.

  8. Youtube was being mean to my video so I took down the link. I’ll try again without Indiana Jones music Later….

  9. I can’t wait for camp scrap. I know it will be tons of fun because I have been having a blast in the curious scrapbookers field guide and thanks so much for it being FREE!! I definitely need that right now. lol

  10. I’m so excited that you are going to be doing Camp Scrap again. My husband gave it to me originally as an anniversary present and told me to find my creative mojo. Post Pardum had taken it away and I credit you with helping me find it again! Now that I have another little one I’m just so excited that you are doing the class again – I definitely need it! Thank you for being inspiring!

  11. Sounds totally awesome! Thanks so much for doing this May! That is soooo generous of you to give so much of your time for this!

  12. YES! This looks like a fantastic scrappy vacay. Just what I need 🙂
    Haha just had to tell you I thought I read ‘a bikini for Camp Scrap’, instead of a blinkie. I was a bit surprised and impressed! You are definitely an amazing crafter.

  13. Yahoo!!! I was hoping this is what the 2nd post of the day would be! Can’t wait! Thanks May!

  14. You just made my day! I was getting sad that there is only 2 more weeks of CSFG and thinking what will I do without a May class to look forward too. I cannot wait for camp! Thank you May and BPC!

  15. A BIG THANK YOU!! Can’t believe you are doing this all for free! So excited cause I’m really, really sad that Field Guide is winding down.

  16. Oh I’m SO all over this! I LOVE your classes 🙂 I have you down on my calendar girly! Thanks! Can’t wait 🙂

  17. WOW! COMPLETELY blown away and CAN’T WAIT!!! THANKS for the news! Have a GREAT weekend! You sure made mine! 😉

  18. Count me in! And I just wanted to tell you though I have not participated online with the Curious Scrappers Field Guide I have learned so much. Haven’t even done a lot of projects but have gotten so much inspiration for just playing around with my “stuff” and have invested in some new “stuff” waiting to be played with. Just wanted to let you know since you haven’t formally heard from me on Big Picture.

  19. Whoot! I’m really excited about your campout!! I’ve flagged your message so I don’t forget the dates. Thanks for the offering! You are so creative!

  20. Thank you May for offering the free Camp. I cant wait until June now. Love your classes and the inspiration.

  21. I missed this one when it was offered at BPC. I just was not certain about the class because it said CAMP and I was not familar with your style. I am so lucky to get another chance, and I know I can afford it. Yippie ki yay!

  22. Just checking in with your blog and so excited to see this news! I love this idea of a camp and will be looking forward to it! wahoo! Thanks!

  23. May, you are amazingly generous and inspirational. I’m in for Camp Scrap too! Thanks so much!

  24. A FREE class is really exciting! Always looking for new and more inspiration.
    Woo Hoo!

  25. This sounds like a great way to keep my mojo going thru the summer. And Free! oh my! Thank you so much. I’m so looking forward to it!

  26. Love that you are gifting us with this class. Looking forward to it very much. Will see you at camp.

  27. I can’t believe you are doing this for FREE, this was by far my favorite class ever at BPS back in 2010 and I got so much done out of it, it’s the reason I joined LOAD for this May! So I’m super excited about this, I will be signing on and having fun!

  28. thanks may!!! i took it at BPC, and it was one of my all time favorite classes! i especially loved your audio messages…very inspiring, even if you don’t scrapbook! can’t wait!

  29. I am so incredibly excited about this. I can’t believe it’s free. Camp Scrap was my first class and one of my most favorite ever!! It’s going to be a great summer.

  30. YAY! So excited! I am taking your BPC Double Take, so that will lead perfectly up to this-love your classes May!!! 🙂

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