Distress Markers

I’ve been getting a *LOT* of questions about distress markers, and I’m ready to share! I’ve got an article up at www.scrapbookupdate.com today, and I made a quick video to share with you here as well.

You’ll be seeing a LOT of these from me. It’s distress in tiny form. The stains gave us a bigger (Wetter) format, now we’ve got a detail/tiny one. LOVE IT!

My suggestion for buying would be to pick your personal fave color(s) of distress. The ones I use are tumbled glass, peeled paint, brushed corduroy, and faded jeans… of course also worn lipstick, frayed burlap, wild honey, scattered straw, antique linen… so many to love! The price is right too – at about $3.50 each they are the least expensive way to add distress colors to your stash.

If you’ve got more questions, feel free to ask them here. I am definitely just getting started with learning these pens, and finding new ways to use them all the time… you’ll be seeing more of them here for sure.

You can pre-order these at SimonSaysStamp.com and they’ll ship them right to you when they are in stock.

7 thoughts on “Distress Markers”

  1. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a few of these since Tim posted a CHA preview on his blog. They seem so convenient & useful for lots of projects.

  2. Awesome…thanx so much! I was on the fence but went ahead and ordered them anyway so seeing this info is just great! 🙂

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