Have you seen the trailers for the upcoming Disney-Pixar movie called Brave? Oh – I really want to see this. [with or without children!]


[link to youtube video]

You know I love a strong heroine – and this looks like another winner! [really, has Pixar ever let us down?!]

Now, we just need June 22 to get here…

7 thoughts on “Brave”

  1. This movie looks awesome. I want to see it by myself and then with my daughter. I’ve already put it on my birthday list! Have a great day!

  2. I totally want to see this! I’ve been following it since they started making it.
    Pixar’s effects look amazing, especially with her bright hair!

  3. I love strong women characters too, and this one looks just perfect!! I’ll be scheduling a mother daughter night/day to see this movie!

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