Now taking requests…

I’m working on some new series of posts here, working on fresh content/projects/etc. to bring to you, and always so much more, but I thought I’d ask…

any requests?

Any specific product, or subject, or burning question you have for me about crafting or in general?

let me hear it!

I thank you for stopping by my blog, for reading, for wanting to spend a bit of time here with me.

I’ve got a mini-series that involves fresh projects + prizes every Friday in March.

YES. I will be posting about Tim’s new Distress Markers (so many requests for this)

I’m bringing a new version of my most popular on-line class to this blog (for free) this summer.

So yes, I’ve got ideas and will be sharing a lot of things… but if you’ve got a question, request, etc… well now’s a real good time as I plot out the upcoming weeks/months…

22 thoughts on “Now taking requests…”

  1. I’m interested in seeing you consider your series about your creative journey. How did you go from scrapbook store manager to where you are now? What was your ‘big break’? What individuals were influential along the way? What career moves did you plan vs. right-place-right-time?

  2. I’ve not considered writing about most of these questions “professionally” wise… didn’t think it would be of interest! I will have to think on this, maybe add some creative journey entries! Thank you!

    I will give you this link right now, if you’ve not yet read it. It’s my “creative journey” series of posts (and any newer post that falls into this category gets added – start at bottom of this page to begin at ‘beginning’… LOT of old layouts and style evolution…

    In that series mostly I’m talking about my style and personal crafting evolution…


    Ps- I’m still waiting for a “big break”. To me, it seems it’s been more of a journey of small steps and hard work…

  3. Hi May! I love the content on your blog! I’m excited to hear that you will be featuring the new Tim Holtz markers because I purchased 4 last weekend and have no idea how to use them. I would love to see features on stamping and alternative ways to add intrest to stamping for people like me who don’t own Copics or other fancy markers to color! Thanks so much for all that you do! Have a great week!

  4. I would like to learn more about process. I’m taking your class The Curious Scrapbooker’s Field Guide over at BPC right now and I love seeing how your pages/projects develop and hearing you talk about your decisions through the process. I’m learning so much that way.
    I also agree with the above poster that I would love to hear how your professional career developed. I would love to be on a design team in the future and I love blogging so if you have insights to any of that I would really like to hear about it. Thanks, May!

  5. As a matter of fact, I’d love for you to give some advice to those of us–I don’t think I’m alone!–who want to make memory keeping more than a hobby, who want to break into the professional arena. I’m struggling with this and would like any advice you can offer.

  6. I just recently found your blog and love it. I would love more Mixed Media how to’s. Especially technique ideas using new products from CHA. Like Tim Holtz of course, Dyan Reveley, I’m taking a class with her next month, 7 Gypsies products etc. I love all their products and can’t wait to use them all. Even though their are tutorials from the companies I love seeing what others are doing with them.

  7. I would love to know how you incorporate old products with the new. Love any type of techniques, stamping or otherwise. How do you choose what to invest in. (That is sometimes you only have a couple colors of a product and other times you have all of them.

  8. I love your blog. I love Field Guide! Really glad you’re going to feature Tim’s markers. I’d love to invest in all of them, but I’m not sure if that’s a wise decision. I don’t own any Copics due to their price, so the distress markers are definately more affordable. Would love your thoughts on that.

  9. I really love the your creative process posts. I really learned a lot from your two videos that you posted back in October. It would be cool to see why sometimes your LOs are simple and almost mist/paint free and other time they are WILD with stickles/paints/mists. Was it just the mood you were in that day? Along the same vein, maybe simple design ideas or principles. What I also have enjoyed (I think this was from Sumerset Studio magazines) one product many different ways. That would be cool too.
    I can’t wait to see which of your classes you’re redoing for your blog this summer. I am hoping it is Using your Stash.

  10. Why aren’t all my lunches turkey sandwiches, or all my desserts 5 layer chocolate cake?

    Variety, it’s the spice of life! Depending on my story, my idea for the page, the photos… lots of factors determine what I feel like doing creatively. I can’t imagine having a style that is so set, so consistent that it’s predictable exactly what it will look like. I love a lot of things, I enjoy a lot of colors, and my photos/stories are all so different – I just go where they lead me. 🙂

    And I enjoy every project.

    Though I will say with all my “simple” projects when I finish I think “really? No more funk?” and if the answer in my head is nope. It wouldn’t add anything, then it stays. 🙂

  11. putting in time in studio, focusing on what you’re great at + love, and staying true to your own style. Not getting swept up in what is “cool” or what others think of your work. That’s my best advice.

    Depending on what you do, what you want to do… there is no one way to get there…

  12. ah interesting… one key is if i use it. I have a LOT of distress ink pads because i use them tons. Only a few mists because I don’t need that many. loads of alpha stickers – use them always. Don’t get new ribbon very often I don’t keep up using it…

  13. I was curious. As a mom, how do you encourage your daughters to be creative but still maintain time for your own creativity? And how much do you work with them, when and if you do craft together?

    My son likes to go craft with me on half days or full days off from school, but it can be tough to find a balance between too much help or too little help. I don’t want to neglect him, but I don’t want to stifle his creativity or make him think there’s only one way of doing things.

  14. Interesting. Well, most of my crafting time they’re alseep or at school. So my time tends to be separated like that. But I believe more in (within reason) whatever they want, however they want it.

    They’re really into coloring books and markers right now. But when they want to venture in here (which isn’t all that often) they’re welcome. I don’t teach them anything. I want their own minds to come up with ideas and not to look to me for guiding them or telling them what’s the “right way”. They stamp with my distress inks, use my papers to cut and play…

    It doesn’t occur to them to ask me “how-to” and at their age, I think this is for best. I think just testing/playing/discovering is far more important than doing projects together.

  15. Hi, I am really into art journals and would love to know more about making the journals myself and more about how to go about painting, drawing and doing the pages, right now I am just winging it and loving it, but some professional ideas and hints would be nice also! ~gin~

  16. I am loving your Field Guide Class; and I love your how to videos. So, I love when you show how to use new products and new techniques. For example, the TH distress markers. I also love your sketches and the process you take to complete a LO.

  17. Greetings from South Africa. I so badly wanted to take your Curious Scrapper Field Guide class, but the time is not right for me at this time. I’m looking forward to learning from you on your upcoming blog posts.

  18. I’d love to see more of your creative journey too. Like how did you come to write your first book? When was your first BPS class? Stuff like that!

    I’m loving Field Guide because you are actually inspiring me to USE products that I have!

    I can’t wait to see which class will be on your blog – I’ve pretty much done them all!!

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