May’s Pick | Crafter’s Workshop stencils

I’ve been crafting a lot, and working on a lot of projects to share. A regular feature you’ll be seeing here on my blog is “May’s Pick”. Essentially this is a way I’ll be sharing favorite products that I’m using a lot. Not just pretty things to look at – but useful things! This week I pick a Balzer designs stencil.

Blue Moon Scrapbooking has a huge selection available of the new designs! I prefer the 6″ stencils, the size just works better on my projects, and I use them all the time. Today’s pick is the stars & circles stencil. Used as a stencil, or inked and then “stamped” onto paper the design has so many possibilities. I could see it with reds and blues for a patriotic look, greens and browns for an outdoors or more masculine look, or any number of combos! I know it’s going to become a favorite and highly used one for sure.

Watch for a new stencil video + project coming this Thursday. I’ve got a lot of projects to make and mess to make with my new treasures – I’ll be sure to share here (and if you’re in Field Guide you’ll see it there too!) soon!

5 thoughts on “May’s Pick | Crafter’s Workshop stencils”

  1. I love Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s stencils, truly cool stuff. Unfortunately I only have one. I need to order the others on my wish list. The only reason I have not is my shopping cart currently has over $200 worth of product. I do believe several items will be moved to my wish list. It is just so difficult to control that desire to have it all.
    May, with Sunday’s post were you trying to make us all jealous? There you had them front and center – Tim’s Distress pens. I would love to buy the whole set when available, but I think I shall have to purchase in stages. Looking forward to the stencil video. Now I am off to get inky.

  2. I love stencils. I’ve been using the Club Scrap ones for years, but think I need to pick up some of these crafter’s workshop ones. I love the one you’re featuring in the picture. I’m glad you recommended the 6×6 ones. I’ve been wondering which size would be better and I think I would use mine more on cards or on parts of pages.

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