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I had the chance to meet with Wendy Vecchi and talk about her new products with her at CHA, and today I want to share some of that information as well as peeks at her new offerings and art.

Wendy could be found most often doing demos in the Ranger booth. I loved watching her play with her clearly for art (‘clicker cutts’) flowers – I’m totally getting these! you can do so much with them and heating them = instant dimension. More on that when I have them in-hand!

So let’s see more…

Look at all those art parts – including the frame! I really like that she sizes her art parts (think super heavy duty chipboard-like material) to work with her stamps.

the book above is one of my favorites – though honestly she has SO MANY samples – it’s all just fantastic to see. Her style is really unique, and I like how many ideas she shares…

Above you can see one of her new resin embellishments from Blossom Bucket (bird) and how she colored it. This makes me SO HAPPY. Seeing her embellishments so plain, and totally customizable.

Something that makes me over the moon about Wendy? (Aside from the fact that she’s FANTASTIC in person – even better than I’d imagined!) She is an artist. She crafts with her supplies. So when she designs supplies, she does so with crafting in mind. Her embellishments are flat-backed, things are meant to be useful. So often designers of supplies aren’t using the supplies and they don’t think of that kind of stuff. She really goes above and beyond. Oh and her project detail…

and let’s not forget stamps!

She released 14 new sets, a book, and all those Blossom Bucket embellishments + Art Parts with Stamper’s Anonymous too! What a busy woman…

She even created shelves to use with her products and create such cute scenes – I want some for my next configurations box…



Looking for Sudio 490 by Wendy Vecchi? Check out Simon Says Stamp for a huge selection! Here’s a link directly to her product there.





6 thoughts on “spotlight | Wendy Vecchi”

  1. SO cool! I would love some behind-the-scenes type stuff! Always fun to see what goes into the making of such a huge event like this! LOVE all you’ve posted so far, buuuuuuut reeeeeeeally looking forward to starting class! Yeah!! 3 more days right?

  2. I have admired Wendy for quite awhile but have yet to purchase any of her product. I am truly in awe of the art she creates. The product that I shall definitely try in the near future is “clearly for art”. It looks like a really cool product with which to create.

  3. Wendy is a fabulous designer and teacher!! I love her background stamps and the way she truly creates art!!!

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