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I am still debating a behind the scenes/people photos post from CHA… is that something of interest? Let me know. I can’t decide. For now, I am wrapping up my CHA coverage favorites. I’ve covered a lot so far – and I have compiled some companies who rocked, but either I didn’t have a load of great photos for them or have covered them partially elsewhere. In no particular order here we go…

It is a crime that I did not take more photos of Graphic 45. They were dressed up so fantastically every day, the booth was packed with amazing samples, and the product is beautiful. The photo above is literally my only one!

Oh October Afternoon, they so drew me in with some awesome colors + products that I simply must work with. You’ve seen me talk about their papers, buttons, etc. Now I am not sure why I took this eye candy photo, but I wanted to share it anyhow.

We R Memory keepers had some really interesting stuff – my favorite though was these oval doilies. Oval. white. beautiful. must have immediately. I am still debating their corner chomper (corner rounder/cutter) tool, and am intrigued by their decorative edge cutting punches that are coming soon too. Hmm.

Nobody does cute quite like Pebbles. This patriotic rosette set really tickled my fancy! I love their style, and love that Pebbles is a part of the American Crafts family too. (wow what a huge company AC has become!)

It was always crowded, but the peeks I got into the Melissa Frances booth made my crafty heart happy. Look at these resin cupcakes and teapot waiting to be colored and made fancy. Oh my. Their booth was packed with great new stuff.

Heidi Grace is back! We both worked with Fiskars at the same time, and she was my favorite designer line of theirs then. So I really wanted to see what she’d do, and what her new lines would be like. There is a lot of cuteness to be sure – but I really was impressed with some of the more basic papers, the sequins, and the alphabets too.

Oh, hello Vintaj. Nobody at the booth spoke to me (which I found odd. They seemed friendly, perhaps my invisible cloak was on?) so I don’t know all the details – but I checked out their stuff and took some eye candy photos of their metal pieces and bits from their jewelry display that was frying my brain in all the best ways. Right now what really has my attention is that they have a line of metal altering/coloring supplies with Ranger that I want to play with and learn more about. I would also like to track down some of their metal bits as well. Really cool stuff.

Lawn Fawn! I’d never seen their stuff – it is indeed adorable. They make me want to weaken my stance against buying clear stamps. (I tend to collect more than use that type) The paper line is great- you’ll be seeing more from me with it soon – but I also just love these banners. LOVE.

Hello, Petaloo. I currently own ZERO pre-made paper/fabric/other material flowers at this time. I use my punches/die cuts and DIY, or do without. That said, Petaloo had some really exciting flowers that have me thinking about bringing back my flower bucket…

They have the tiny flowers with pearl centers in LOADS of colors, and they have a bunch of plain white flowers too. Loving it.

Hambly tape – do I need to explain?

Adorable is really the only word ro describe Doodlebug. They do it so well.

I walked into Heidi Swapp’s booth really unclear on how I’d feel about her stuff. In person? I really LOVE a lot of it. I am liking that she has color magic products (which are literally the same as Pink Paislee’s mistables product/quality wise but different designs and forms). The travel line is excellent, and there’s a lot of embellishments and details that I really like with this new Heidi Swapp brand. I went in with a critical eye, left smiling and planning projects with it. (Link to my youtube video of Heidi demonstrating color magic for me) It is her own brand, but Pink Paislee is distributing it + manufacturing it so you know it’s got their quality. Which ROCKS.

I asked the Core’dinations crew if I could have a blog blinkie that says “Core’dinations: official cardstock of May Flaum” because seriously LOVE them + their stuff. They’re always friendly, they have great textures, colors, and partnerships, and they make cardstock cool. You know I’m a cardstock fanatic – so these new sizzix die-sized cardstocks? SO GOOD! I’m happy to stop wasting cardstock by cutting up a 12″ sheet. I’m probably too excited. For goodness sakes it’s just paper… but really super pretty paper!


I think that just about wraps things up (except one more planned post on Monday, and the ‘maybe’ people picture post…). I am really enjoying both Melissa and Shimelle’s coverage of CHA, as well as the videos on Scrap Time. Other top coverage sites include (a good chunk of their content is contributed by me!) and as well. I’m hoping to see more people blog about CHA this week too. I can’t get enough! Can you tell I love crafting supplies?

I’m seeing things I missed (or didn’t get photos of), learning even more, and generally loving seeing different points of view from the show. Now that my CHA coverage is winding down, I’m gearing up for my new Big Picture class!!! I’ve just reviewed the finalized classroom, verified the gallery and message board settings, and am working on week 7 & 8 content at the moment. *SO* excited.

I think I’ll sneak in a special peek soon of a class handout and another project… and maybe a video or two as well?

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  1. May, I’ m loving the different perspectives on CHA, too! I’m sorry I looked like such a bum when I met you last week, but I am super grateful that you gave me your last book and let my daughter make a tag and play with you. Thank you for that. She’s still talking about it excitedly. I am grateful.
    – Cori

  2. Yes to a behind-the-scenes / people post. The more CHA stuff, the better. I was so bummed to not be there this year, so I’m living vicariously through you and the others who post stuff.

  3. It isn’t possible to get too excited about cardstock. Especially when it’s Core’dinations. I can’t WAIT to get my hands on those new pads, not only because it means no more waste, but because I can be lazy since I don’t have to cut it. =) Can’t wait for your class to start!

  4. May, I love anything that you blog about. Would love a behind the scenes blog through your eyes!

  5. I might be a bit of a nerd, but i cant get enough of your coverage both here and on Scrapbook Update, yes please to BTS post!

  6. As I have never had an opportunity to attend a CHA, I would LOVE to see a behind the scenes post. Please do it.

  7. I would love some behind the scenes coverage of CHA. Now if only I could convince my hubby that the cost of your class were reasonable. Hmm.

  8. I would love some behind the scenes posts. That is as close as I shall ever get to CHA and do think it would be fun to feel like a part of it. I have loved all of your peeks at the different products. I am such a collector of scrapbooking merchandise. I cannot help myself, if it is in front of me and I like it, I buy it. When I am able to look at it like this, I can fall in love and then become realistic. I have time to think how I would use a product, if I would use it, or would it become a part of a collection that I am saving for something special. I have to stop buying pretty paper just because it is pretty. Thanks for letting me explain why I love these posts. Too wordy, I know.

  9. I have been so enjoying all the CHA updates – it will be hard to decide which to get first – thanks for sharing !

  10. May, I have enjoyed all of your cha coverage. It is so fun to see all the yummy new products. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s kickoff of MayFlaumapallooza!!

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