CHA day 3

Sitting at the airport I realize I didn’t do many phone photos today… Here’s what I got.





I’m so tired. But happy. Creatively energized. Filled with ideas on what I want to bring to this site and so much more..

For now get home. Sleep for 8 whole hours (6 has been average this week).

Then? Cha content a go-go starting Wednesday. Oh yes. It’s on. I have so much to share.

Top picks, favorites, behind the scenes, much more.

And? When product starts hitting shelves watch for how-to, videos, give aways even….

6 thoughts on “CHA day 3”

  1. Ok, confession… Just found you, through Twitter and CHA feeds, and I must admit…I’m hooked! I find your work hugely inspirational and your sense of humor perfect! I’ve now signed up for updates and am following your blog and tweets! (sounding kinda ‘stalker-y’. ) but I’m guessing you get my point… I guess I will just say HI! Lol

  2. I’ve seen that jam jar stamp shown on a few people’s blogs- not sure what I’d do with it.
    Only 8 more days until ‘Fieldguide’!!!! Scary; especially since you’re so energised after CHA – you’ll be bouncing and so full of ideas 🙂

  3. I cannot wait for your super energized posts and for CSFG to begin. I have been falling into a super funk and need to find my way out. Hopefully I shall find that spark before class starts. I shall be checking back later to see if your Wed. is up.

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