first days of (a very crafty) december.

I’m 3pgs into my “december daily”, which I think is an AWESOME start. Especially since it was an insanely crazy weekend – so much so that I did not once turn on my computer!

As I said before I’m not doing “Daily” yesterday inspired 3-5 pages. Many of those will simply be recipes. Here is one I just made sitting down with my morning coffee instead of surfing internet. It took 9 minutes. I printed it out, I can add product to it now if I want. LATER. For now, it’s in the album and my Barefoot Contessa love is documented:

I did this in Microsoft Word, added in the birdie + the image of my tea crackers. The image was so grainy and poor, I decided rather than try and print at a larger size and add later I’d just print it onto cardstock with the rest. (cream cardstock used).

I love documenting recipes I’ve used, and WHY/what reason I first used them. This is one I’ll revisit. The spread is AMAZING. Here’s a link to her recipe.

I have other recipes I will document, I am snagging scraps of fabric from my homemade table runner to staple to a page, and other assorted details.

The #1 detail about my project DD? I AM NOT THINKING ABOUT DESIGN. Not thinking about “pretty” or “balance”. I’m treating it more journal-like. Just documenting stories + details. “Letting go” of the usual details I play with, going for pure speed vs pretty is going to ensure that I get a LOT packed into this album.

I’ve already proven to myself that this 8 1/2 x 11 album size is the PERFECT size for this. I’ve printed out 3 pages and stuck them straight in already. BOOM! That sense of accomplishment, the lack of paper trimmer so far in this project – it’s nice. I’m enjoying it tremendously and if I want to pretty something up, or make a separate scrapbook page I always can.

Other note from this weekend: I made 2 different cookies from the new Milk & Cookies cookbook (available @ – and only like $13.50 at last check – for hardback!) it’d be an EXCELLENT Christmas gift or gift for yourself. The recipes are not over the top, AND the stuff so far is amazingly delicious. Can’t recommend it enough!!

I have a full week of holiday craftiness + baking scheduled here – I’ll be back with more soon!

5 thoughts on “first days of (a very crafty) december.”

  1. Sounds delish! I love her show as well as her recipes. This one I missed but will have to give it a try as I love goat cheese. TFS

  2. I’m so enjoying your approach to your holiday journal/album-stress free & focusing on just capturing a moment. Perfect! I, too, am a huge Ina Garten fan-I’ve got 2 Barefoot Contessa cookbooks & you are so right that her recipes are always wonderfully dee-lish! Happy Holidays!

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