day 10 | december daily album

One year I got a mini album but never did any pages.

Other than that, I’ve never tried my hand at a December Daily album. Mainly because, well, I wouldn’t do it. The “daily” aspect and numbered pages are unappealing to me, as is the pre-made page bases. FOR ME. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s AWESOME and every year I get jealous of the ones I see. It’s such a cool thing and I adore how Ali makes it work and how inspiring she is. I just know the idea doesn’t quite fit for me and I wouldn’t enjoy doing it that way.

I was contemplating trying it my own way, an “inspired by December Daily” project, and after some thought I ordered up an American Crafts 8 1/2 x 11 album off amazon and made my plan. My book is not “my book”, it’s the family album. This is going to be an old school SCRAP BOOK – bits of life, stories, part journal and photos optional.

The photos are the tricky part. In fact they are a huge part of why I’ve never taken this on. I don’t print my own photos unless it is an emergency. I found a solution. I will cut out a 4×4 and 4×6 (to account for hipstamatic and regular prints) piece of chipboard and keep them handy. i will mark where/what photos I am using AS I GO. This way I can create and play and have fun – and I will just add in photos once or twice.

I’m really excited about this project and how much fun it will be to add in things like:

  • things the kids say
  • “wish lists” for santa
  • kid artwork
  • funny stories
  • traditions and why we do what we do
  • information about special decorations
  • a page for our holiday guests to sign/make notes
  • recipes new and old favorites
  • just for fun/because pretty art journal/quote type pages
  • notes & stories from anyone who wants to contribute

My album is ready, I have 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock purchased and ready to use. It’s going to be simple, the pages won’t be my usual “scrapbook page” looking pages. It’s going to be a new adventure. I will check in a few times when I come up with something cool or noteworthy to share.

I made a video of my creative process in making my cover – in case you want to check that out:


Supplies used:

I am not designating a “Dec Daily” folder or box or anything. I will just use/pull whatever is out or strikes my fancy as I go along. To be perfectly honest my studio is a MESS and I have everything out already.

That said – MAD LOVE to the October Afternoon holiday line (link shown above), Cavallini tapes, and the real vintage Jenni Bowlin treats I scored. I will be using all of these things, and most especially my Green Patina perfect pearls mist – and more.

Are you taking on a big holiday craft project? I’d love to hear about it!

11 thoughts on “day 10 | december daily album”

  1. Hi May,

    I’m doing a scrapbook type Dec Daily album too. It’s my second year doing it this way and I’ve found it’s the best fit for me.

    I’ve done three DD albums – one with spirals and all types of pages, one 8 x 8 album with page protectors and last year’s scrapbook one. I use visual diaries – the bound books with blank pages and a hardcover. I do put a date for each day and just write whatever I want for the day. I also stick in bits and pieces of whatever too. It becomes a mix of stuff, which I like.

    I also have some 4 x 6 pieces of card cut out for the spots for the photos too. That works really well.

    One of today’s story is about the party preparations for our party tomorrow. Took a couple of photos of all the stuff we have prepared. I like your approach to the December album – I’m sure everyone in the fam will love contributing to the book!

    A few people are changing the DD concept up this year. Noell from Paperclipping is another (but you prob know that). Her idea is good too.

    Anyway, have fun with it – thanks for blogging about it. I love seeing what people do.

  2. this is my 2nd year of doing DD but this year I am making photos optional too as I don’t print mine either!! your album is super cute, i love it. have a great friday xx

  3. Hi May, I just wanted to thank you for your “realness.” I decided YESTERDAY to make my first ever December Daily, because I have wanted to, but just never made the plunge. Like you, I will be making mine more of a family album, strongly influenced by my perspective on our family’s seasonal events. I designed my album using chipboard and big rings, because I use a lot of 3D elements, and had a bunch of fun already. Looking forward to seeing your book come to live. I so enjoy all of your posts. I’m very glad I subscribed! Have a very merry December!
    PS-as a side note, let me just say that I love Ali too! She will be pleased to know how many of us are inspired by her creative ventures. I have great enjoyed my “One Daily Word” class with her this year, also my first ever, and one that I will repeat again!

  4. I love it, May! And you’ve inspired me because I chose a 12×12 version of that very type of album this year, and I did not have any good ideas what to do with the cover. Now, I do! You rock, but I knew that already. Thanks!

  5. I’m playing along with Tim H’s 12 Tags hoopla and also doing the most scaled down December Daily project known to mankind. I’m using 12×12 vertical photo holders to hold a journaling card, a picture, and a piece of patterned paper (that I may or may not add some already punched embellishments to, as I feel like it.) One card/photo/pp per day, with the option to add in other pages if I feel like it. I didn’t want to *not* do it — this is year 3 for me — but I didn’t want to do something that would feel like work. Happy crafting!!!!!!!

  6. Well to say your is beautiful really doesn’t do it justice! I too loved OA Holiday Style and the Cavallini tape too, I am excited to see your albums progress!

  7. This is SO awesome!!! I love your style and the fact that you just go with it and don’t get all caught up in having it be PERFECTLY placed… It is obvious this process of making the book is fun and not stressful. LOVE that. I think I tend to get so caught up in the OCD mode of wanting it to be perfect that it becomes no fun! SO… because of you my motto for doing this album is recapturing the fun and just going with it-NO turning back or do-overs!!! Your book is beautiful and I will be stalking your blog -please continue to blog about the process-LOVE THIS. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  8. That is too cute love the idea. I am lucky if I can get a ‘weekly’ album done these days. Will have to give it a try next year. Would make a great gift also, I think my niece would lov eit for her little ones. TFS

  9. Best of luck this first year of document December daily. Love what you did with your album front. I`m looking forward to see what you creat during December.

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