a first peek…

I have another Disney post 1/2 done – but this has been a wild weekend! I will have to finish that page in the next day or two. How was my weekend? FABULOUS!

First I had an AMAZING time down at www.stamperscorner.net in Elk Grove, CA teaching and having a blast getting fingers messy and creatively just got such a  re-charge. LOVED it. I even got to meet THE WANDA GUESS. Yeah, as in that awesome cardmaking blogger who blows my mind. I want to create with her and have her magic rub off on me. I made a card today on my own – it wasn’t magic. I guess I need to spend more time in her presence!!! Wanda was awesome, so sweet, and seriously I just wanted to pick her brilliant crafty mind all day. I LOVE WANDA!!! [in a totally crafty way. not in a creepy way]

Then lots of family time, and oh yeah. DEADLINE TIME. I’m talking about my BPC class. The one that I’ve been working on all fall (and a bit of summer too)… the one that’s gonna be a 12 week class starting in early February 2012. The class that I *finally* named with a lot of help and feedback from some awesome people. it has been “that 12 week 2012” class for MONTHS now. I’m not gonna tell you its name just yet… but would you like a first peek?

That peek is just a simple little tag… that has become my favorite project featuring my new favorite stamp that i didn’t know I owned. (whoops) I will tell you this too: By the time I’m done with this class it will have over 50 videos in addition to the usual hand outs and active classroom environment you’re used to from me. I will also tell you that this class is not just my biggest class – it’s my most technique focused one ever. We get really deep into specific products, techniques, approaches, and so much more… I’m really excited. Ok FINE! you’ve twisted my arm here is a second peek too…

Right now I’m building the early weeks of class and I’m just ITCHING to break out the crazy funky mixed media collage work and wild layouts… but it’s not time for that just yet. That comes later in class. Right at the moment I’m double checking my handouts and uploading like crazy so that Brandi (aka AWESOME BPC EDITOR!!) can edit my weirdness into the greatness that is any BPC class.

I’d better get back to photo editing and double checking all my week 1 & 2 materials…

in the meantime – happy crafting!!!

[if you get any weird emails or energetic voice mails from me I fully blame the fact that I’m hopped up on Earl Grey tea at the moment]

8 thoughts on “a first peek…”

  1. Wanted to let you know I really really like that you venture away from the “themed” stuff for your Disney album.It lets the photos and Disney magic speak for itself.And I can see where that premise would work for a whole lot of other scrappy tings.Tucking away in brain for future reference-thank you!

  2. Can not wait for the info!!! Looking forward to more peeks – it looks like alot will packed into the class.

  3. Loving the sneak peek. Your Disney layouts were great. It was really great to see something different rather than the usual themed layouts most ppl do.

    Would love to take one of your classes but until I get over to the west coast I will just keep following the blog for more inspiration! TFS

  4. OMG girl you are cracking me up!!! Thanks for the shout out!!! It was so nice to meet you in person, and yes, we need to get our craft on one of these days. Have a great week May! 🙂

  5. Oh WOW!!!! Can Not Wait for this class! Totally what I’ll need to chase away the winter blahs from the frozen tundra of MT. You’re a great teacher May and I so love everything I learn and the total encouragement I feel you give to your students. Thanks so much and I CAN’T WAIT!

  6. Twelve awesome weeks with you! Can’t wait to find out what the class is. I have totally loved your four week classes and was sad that they ended so soon. 12 weeks will be just right.

  7. OMG! I can not WAIT for this class! Your other classes have been so perfect!! You are a most fabulous teacher – probably cause you are so REAL! ♥ you! 🙂

  8. Ooh that sneak peek looks fun! And I think I need that stamp too … what is it?? Can’t wait to see more Disney LOs and can’t wait for class sign-ups to be open!

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