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We’re almost to the end of vacation scrapbooking week… but a few things still left to share! Remember to visit and see what Melissa has posted too – she’s been focused on her vacation scrapbooking and posting some awesome stuff…

I have scrapbooked a LOT of Disney in my time, and I see a lot more in my future. I adore my Disney layouts – from the awesome fashion choices J and I made when we were dating to the more recent years and seeing how much our girls have grown between visits. Today I want to re-visit some of those layouts and share some that are still favorite layouts.

We have to start with  Adventure land. (layout circa 2004)

I tea dyed the material under the title. Hand set all those title eyelets. Used walnut ink on handmade paper that I’d printed my journaling out on and hand tore it too.

This page took about a WEEK of daily work, lots of thinking, and decisions to make. It’s still one of my favorites because I love that I was trying new things, that the focus manages to still be on a good story + photo (RARE in those days of my scrapbooking!) and while not my “best” by any stretch at the time it was.

On the flip side, made around the same time let’s talk about one that didn’t work…

I was beading and wiring up a storm, using a QuicKutz to make my fancy title…. and what’s the point? I didn’t successfully tie in any of the elements though to this day I do LOVE a green + brown + copper color scheme!

There is no story here when there could have been, my title is floating around and taking over, and while I still love the beaded elements on the photo (anybody remember those doodlebug charms? (brown mountain) LOVED those!) – this page isn’t complete, it doesn’t add anything to the album or my vacation story and it could have.

Ah but here’s one that does add to the album! (circa 2007)  The look of this page i was going for was as if my memorabilia and photos had been scattered across the surface. Seemingly random – and yet not. Post card, collected bits from our vacation, a photo with fancy frame – it’s all good and oh how I love it. It will be a favorite for many years to come.


Another favorite – this time because I felt oh so clever using a chipboard apple to tie into snow white. (page 2009 for a BPC class- inspired by Lisa Dickinson I believe). I like that I’ve got colors that coordinate to the princess, but it’s not over the top. I really like my balance of kinda themed without theme-ria blowing up all over.

This photo is weak, but I do love that layout. This was one of the first double page “Disney” general themed pages where I actually went with the colors and feel I wanted, and NOT themed or what I thought was right for a Disney page. Result? LOVE IT! (2006/07 ish) I really like double page layouts for vacation pages (especially Disney) – in fact you will find more doubles in my vacation albums than you will anywhere else. Cuz I take a lotta pictures!!

Sometimes a girl needs to return to her roots – and this is one such page. As an homage to my beginnings as a vacation scrapbooker who had to make her own stuff out of little more than cardstock, I made this page for my Cardstock Project Now course at Big Picture.

Just me, some Core’dinations cardstock, scissors, and a craft knife. Add in my black pen and I was in business. More than anything this page reminded me that I can do a lot with very little, AND that looking into your past albums and pages can be a fantastic source of inspiration.

Use those bits and pieces, including index prints.

I love so much about this page – the white pen accenting, the stitching (which back in ’09 was more rare for me), the baker’s twine (ahead of the trend!) and just the overall sense of fun captured from this visit.

Speaking of love…

This is still one of my favorite pages. I just LOVE it. I can’t quite explain – it is just one of my favorites. I remember that it was inspired by a page Stephanie Howell did – I think the layered elements under the “D” was the part most inspired by her page…

and finally…

just a bit of magic…

I love working in ephemera from vacations on pages. LOVE IT. I have never have time or energy during a Disney vacation to keep a travel log (as I have done on other trips – which makes for awesome journaling!) but I do tuck away all kinds of paper goods and bits to later incorporate – I love it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at layouts of Disney vacations past. I know it’s inspired me to get out some more pictures of Disney World and get them scrapbooked. Who knows – this next page might become a favorite!!

4 thoughts on “vacation week | a look back”

  1. cool stuff!! the first three are especially intriguing. yes, the title stands out on the one, but I love the beaded work on the picture; that’s awesome 🙂 thx for sharing!

  2. I have enjoyed this week immensely! I learned some important bits and pieces, like themed paper is not always the way to go. The fact that you showed Disney layouts was the icing on the cake for me. Thank you.

  3. May,
    I have loved your look back. Your family is just precious!!

    I LOVE the page with the index prints. What a GREAT idea!!

    Have a Blessed Sunday ~~ Dawn

  4. Thank you so much May for sharing all these great LOs here. I love the “Adventureland” one – the title is just so adventure-land-ish!!

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