hipstamatic trick

I think it works out about the same to print a hipstamatic print onto 4×6 paper, or have multiple printed on a bigger square. Either way – it’s CHEAPER than having a small square photo printed which still is impossible for me to wrap my mind around.


In PSE I’ve been grouping them – here’s a set I just ordered (8×8) that I could now leave as-is or cut apart and use separately:

Now if I intended to use all 4 on the same layout (I don’t – one is about Halloween gifts, the other about the festival/their costumes in general) I’m so seeing the benefit of placing 4 prints, printing at 8×8, and bam! just slap that down on a sheet of cardstock and your layout is half done!!

I am *THRILLED* with myself for sitting down and doing massive photo deleting and uploading so I could order prints from start of school > today (I know. I’m BEHIND). Feels good to have them on their way – regular photos, iPhone photos, and my hipstamatic beauties (iPhone app)….

I’ve just gotta wait for them to get here so I can scrap them all!!!

note: if you want to know about my process that I go through to edit, delete, and order photos here’s a post from last December.

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  1. Cute! I’ve downloaded some camera apps on my phone, but have yet to play with them.

    I have a question that precedes the edit/delete/order process: what’s your method for getting the photos from your phone to PSE? Do you email them to yourself, hook up your camera with a cable, send them wirelessly via Bluetooth or something else? My computer takes the SD card from my camera in a slot, but I don’t have a system for making sure my phone photos are handy when I want them.


  2. My phone charges and ‘syncs’ with my computer via a USB cable. When it’s connected, I can open up the file (as you would open any file – just “open” the iphone file) and dig into my photos/videos on the phone and I just click & drag them into my “photos” file on my computer.

    It only takes a moment – love that.

    Then once saved to my computer, I can edit, print, or anything else. E-mail certainly is another option – just make sure to send a full-size file! 🙂

  3. Those pics are adorable! Love the hats. What a great idea for a quick layout. I have to see if they have any great apps like that for my ipad. TFS and for the inspiration.

  4. Great pics! THe hats are very cool. Is that pink border an add-on you’ve bought for Hipstamatic? Or something you did in PSE?

  5. Love the idea of making a collage or cutting them apart, I’ve been doing that a lot too with the Hipstamatic and Instagram photos. I also accidentally realized that some of the smaller photos I’ve cropped you can stack to look like a photobooth strip in PSE (be careful though that’s addicting ;0) LOL)

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