lunch with a famous author [and a give-away]

Lunch actually happened about three weeks ago, however I had hoped to read her latest book BEFORE I posted about the lunch. The thing is, I haven’t quite been able to make the time for relaxing and reading it! Still – I wanted to go ahead and post these photos and GUSH about the darling Thea Harrison because she. is. awesome. Also because I am giving away some of her books!!

So here’s the background: one day I got a message on twitter. Very casual, just something about “how would you like to go to lunch on my release day to celebrate my new book Serpent’s Kiss?” kind of thing. I think I screamed. a lot. and replied something like yes YES yes. You needn’t ask! a million times yes!

It’s no secret that I LOVE reading, and the idea of spending part of her release day with an author I love sent me right over the edge into bliss-land. It was such a COOL thing – that this author was reaching out to Bay Area fans to join her for a lunch – I was geeked out. It never occurred to me to be nervous about meeting other fans and going in knowing nobody because, hello, they’re also fans of Thea so they MUST be awesome!!

Guess what? I was right. Lovely ladies and a great lunch at PF Chang’s in Emeryville + 2hrs later and I had lots of new reading recs and a big smile. Even cooler? Thea gave us each a copy of her new book. Signed. *I die*

So while I can’t give it the official *stamp* of May Flaum approval because I’ve yet to read it, I will tell you I *LOVED* her first two books and I expect no less from this one. In fact, I was so excited that I went out and purchased her first book in this series (Dragon Bound) *AND* this new book (Serpent’s Kiss) and had her autograph them… FOR YOU.

Yeah that’s right. I went down to Barnes & Noble where I informed the employees that I was meeting the author for lunch and therefore NEEDED to buy some books for her to sign to share with my blog readers. Yeah I was that girl. I even took the above photo outside the store as I happy danced my way back down to the lunch spot.

If you would like to win them – just leave a comment here. Winner will be drawn on 11/1. *note* if you’ve already got/read the first book and just want the latest – let me know! Then I will draw another winner for that one… otherwise – winner will get both. GOOD LUCK!!!

To read more about these books here is a link to Thea’s website: and here are links to the three books out (so far) in this series.

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  1. Your rec’s have been spot-on for my reading taste so far so Thea is totally going on my TBR list!

  2. Hi May!

    Such great photos, I had to steal one of them. 🙂 Thanks so much for coming to the lunch, and I’m delighted you had a good time–I did too! Meeting you all was wonderful, and I adored every single one of those chocolates!


  3. I’m just stopping by to say how awesome it was that you got to meet her, and how amazing it is that she had lunch with a bunch of fans, it’s great to see that an author you admire also happens to be an incredible person! Don’t enter my name in the contest because I already have all three books.

  4. Ohh, how cool is that! And, and I don’t have any of these books, but would love to read them! Thank you for change

  5. wow! Your enthusiasm alone makes me want to read these; it’s so strong I can feel it by reading your post 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win them!

  6. The post was great.

    Already have and read DRAGON BOUND and would love to win SERPENT’S KISS.


  7. How cool! I am unfamiliar with this author, but her books do sound interesting. Happy for you that you did lunch with the author.

  8. Well you already know I follow your book recommendations – so I am sure I would love this author’s books! How cool that you actually got to have lunch with her and some more keen readers – lucky you! I would love to win – thanks for the chance. (and as always, happy to contribute towards the cost of postage all the way to NZ).

  9. You’re so lucky to have met Thea Harrison! If only Iived closer. 🙁 Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. That’s so awesome that you got to meet and lunch with Thea Harrison. I would love to read those books!

  11. Looks like you had an amazing time! I looooove to read so I’m going to cross my fingers and hope I’m lucky…!

  12. Oh May – you truly know how to pack fun into your days – these books look awesome and I would love to have an opportunity to read them

  13. May, I love how excited you get over reading. I love to read too along with paper crafting

  14. If the book is as hot as the cover photo, I have to read to read this! I’d love to have signed copies. :o)

  15. Thea Harrison is amazing! It’s even more fun reading your post as I’ve shopped at that bookstore and eaten at that P.F. Chang’s– makes me feel all stalkerish but fun! Love to see what authors the Bay Area is producing!

  16. I have never read her books but they sound so awesome! Thanks for sharing it must have been the coolest thing to have lunch with her!

  17. Sounds very cool! I would love to win the books- I am always looking for new authors! 🙂
    Jennifer Wilson

  18. I haven’t read any of them but you have certainly piqued my interest. I would love to win one of them. If I’m no so lucky, I’ll be on a hard target search to buy them. Thanks for the tip.

  19. How cool to meet the author. I love reading and would surely love these books. Thanks for a chance.

  20. Wow! I would love to try this author and love the chance to win some books. If I win, I’ll certainly share them with others. I love to read and can never get enough good books. I’m a new follower so haven’t tried any of your suggestions yet..

  21. How fun!! Getting to hear authors talk is just wonderful–meeting them in person like you did is even better!! What a great giveaway–thank you!!

  22. That is SO cool!!! I’ve never read her books, but I’ve liked many of the books you’ve mentioned on your webpage. I’m glad you got to have an experience like that.

  23. How is it I’ve never heard of these books? Incredible that you got to have lunch with her! I’m in awe!

  24. How awesome to meet and have lunch with her! I love reading also and would love to win these books! thanks for the chance.

  25. How awesome! Although I’ve attended a few signings and met some authors, I’ve never sat down for a meal. I’m glad you had fun! Thanks for the giveaway! I already have a signed copy of Dragon Bound (and loved it), but I’d love to win a copy of Serpent’s Kiss!

  26. Sounds like a super fun day….and how cool of you to share with us.
    My birthday is on the 3rd…this would be an awesome way to start my birthday month.


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