[calorie-free] gift ideas for those with a sweet tooth…

Today I thought I’d share some gift ideas I’ve got for the person with a sweet tooth in your life. Wrap it up and top with a candy adornment, make a sweet tag, and gift away… [or maybe you’re like me and just personally want the stuff!]

Have to start with this. I purchased this book immediately when I first saw it- and I love it. Miette is an amazing shop (GO! if you’re ever in San Francisco… and have macarons!!) – and I’ve enjoyed treats with friends there, family, to go… yeah. It’s awesome. So a cookbook that lets me recreate (or attempt) some of their treats? OH YEAH! Plus it’s so pretty. There’s a video on the amazon page that shows Miette + owner talks about her love of dessert. I’m definitely thinking about gifting more copies this holiday season.

Here are some other sweet picks I’ve got for gifting…

Amazon just suggested this book to me. How cute is it?!

What could be sweeter than a cupcake-stuffed cupcake? Perhaps a piece of birthday cake French toast? Or a Pop-Tarts ice cream sandwich? Maybe a piece of Magic Cookie Bar Pie? Oh the choices, how sweet they are. In CakeSpy Presents Recipes for a Sugar-Filled Life, readers find 60 of “Head Spy” Jessie Oleson’s most popular, totally sweet treats, along with stunning photography so you can really appreciate the awesomeness of her desserts. And of course it wouldn’t be a CakeSpy book without unicorns, robots, or Cuppie the Cupcake. Jessie’s iconic and whimsical illustrations are featured throughout the book. CakeSpy’s mission is to seek sweetness (literally) in everyday life, and this little book does just that.
I’m thinking this could be fun for both bakers AND people who just love cool art + sweet treats.

Speaking of cool. That Bakerella… she’s always up to something. I admit, I wasn’t super impressed with the new products she came out with until I saw these images posted on her site. Ok, wow. These would make fantastic gifts!!

I wish that this kit came with the candy, that would make it a really great kit! Still – projects + the accessories + cute box = good gift! (Available for pre-order at amazon.com) But what if you love sweets but don’t want to make cake pops?


Check out these notecards! I think they’re adorable. This would be such a great present or even just a thing to have for yourself to send sweet notes. ( available for pre-order at amazon.com)

Or you could share some cupcake lip balm. They have all kinds of flavors… cracks me up!! I think cupcake chapstick would be sweet though!

Finally, I just love these desk notes. So perfect for any home or office! In this design they also make a notebook and some other stuff too. LOVE!

Do you have sweet suggestions to add? Feel free to add in comment section!!

5 thoughts on “[calorie-free] gift ideas for those with a sweet tooth…”

  1. The Keep Calm desk notes are too much! I’ve had an obsession with cupcakes in my scrapbooking all year long so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Miette is a beautiful book, but unfortunately has many errors 🙁 They are releasing an edition with the errors fixed, but I don’t know if it’s out yet. If yours is first edition, check here for errors: https://www.miette.com/main/book. Glad to hear CakeSpy has a book; the shop’s in Seattle. Seriously fun, whacky creations 🙂 I haven’t been following the blog regularly (follow too many :), but I would guess it would be a fun book. Bakerella has such cute cake pops 🙂 Lots of great food blogs out there. RecipeGirl is a contributor to a new book, GoodBites I believe it’s called; it has recipes to help make weeknight cooking easier.

  3. I had a first edition- not that many errors when I got the correction sheet. They are replacing all too. In fact I should look and see where that is at. I heard OCT for fixed version and I believe they pulled all the remaining 1st so I think this one is now good.

  4. Keep calm and have a cupcake might have to be my new mantra!!! Love the idea of the cupcake flavored chapstick too

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