May’s 2011 Holiday Planner

There’s no such thing as too early to start planning for the holidays, and I delighted in creating several holiday projects for display at the summer CHA show for Tim Holtz. When I saw this old Nancy Drew book that was 3 books in 1, I just knew it would be the perfect size to pair with a Tim Holtz large binder ring and create a Holiday planner.

Adding in paint, tissue tape, and making the most of the Christmas Kraft papers was all super fun. I love how my book turned out!

Here’s some shots of the inside. I used tags to divide my sections…

I kept it pretty simple (well, simple for me!) and didn’t stress about perfect anything. After all – this is a book that will be thrown in my purse, hauled around, and otherwise abused all season long!!

can you tell I had a GREAT time making this project? Love it. Today I’m starting to fill it up with lists too! I LOVE holiday lists. *happy sigh*

As far as supplies go, you could use ANY assortment of papers and goodies. That said, I’ve compiled a listing of every single thing I know I used in this book in case you’re wanting to know some specifics.





























Are you a holiday planner? Or do you just fly by seat of your pants? Have you started crafty projects?

9 thoughts on “May’s 2011 Holiday Planner”

  1. I love the look of TH products but I’m always so intimidated about using them.

    Did you pick a winner on 10/7 for your giveaway?

  2. I love this book May, I am always in awe of your projects and thank you for sharing them with us!

  3. This is fantastic!!!
    I’m pretty much a fly by the seat of my pants girl, with 2 exceptions. I have a 5 year Christmas card tracking booklet, & I keep a list of what I sent people the last couple of years so that I don’t give them the same thing twice lol. (Yes, I did that to somebody once, hence the list lol).

  4. I love this! Need more help on what you did with the background of the front cover. back cover looks like christmas kraft paper and red distress ink, no? Need to find a hardcover book I’m willing to part with 🙂 Already doing christmas cards and thinking about the cookies I’m going to make, and crafts with the kids, but it looks like I need to add one more 🙂

  5. May – that is super! I feel like Christmas is this train coming down the tracks at me and I’m standing on the trestle. Well, not that bad, but I’d better kick it into gear!

  6. yep, I saw all the supplies; that’s how I figured out the back cover background 🙂 the front cover background looked a bit different, but I see now it was the same process and then adding the embellishments. love the details throughout. thx!

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