NEW double page layout in honor of class!

In honor of my class starting today at Big Picture, here’s a double page layout made just this morning, and in under an hour. YES! it can be done!! Double pagers can be fun, embellishment filled, and quick if you want them to be. They can be anything a single pager can be!! Here’s the new page from this morning:

*LOVE* the Happy Days collection from Echo Park Paper that I used here. I’ll admit… at first I thought “meh”… that was until it showed up at my house after CHA. Once I opened up that paper pack I fell in LOVE!! I created this layout THIS MORNING – it’s a favorite formula of mine – just scrap straight across the page. All my photos are 4×6, the little ones at bottom are 2×2 Hipstamatic prints from my iPhone.

Such a happy playful line – and photos I had to work with!

Here’s a huge tip: only have single sheets of patterns you want to use on a double page layout? Save your patterned paper! Use a cardstock base (most of it gets covered anyhow!) and then you can make the most of the single-sheets of paper in a paper pack. For this layout I used stickers and the patterned paper I used is just 1 1/2 x 12 (ads/print was white I used stain to make it yellow) and 1/2 x 12 (red dots over that). EASY!

The sticker elements, the papers… independantly or together I really like how they work. Yep, I’m a big fan of this Happy Days line!


Love double page layouts? Join us!! My new Big Picture on-line class started today – registration is still open!! Check it out here:

Are you in class? How are you liking it? What’s your favorite thing this week? Do share!!

I’ll be back (as Arnold would say) with more soon…

12 thoughts on “NEW double page layout in honor of class!”

  1. May, I am really inspired by your style. I love how you take chances; cut paper up, somewhat randomly place in on your LO’s, paint this, stickle that, etc. I really need to have more fun with my pages!


  2. Your comment has me thinking… There is actually nothing random about my design though it may sometimes seem it. Contrast, color, size, balance… I run through a lot of mental work (though quick) on my pages.

    I think you’ve inspired me to do a blog series about my process!!


  3. This is awesome. The name alone would get me looking at the paper pack; I love happy 🙂 I could really use the blog series about process tho. That, too, would be awesome! I’m not going to buy more products yet as I have enough to work with (tho there are soooo many things that I would like), but as I’m just getting into the scrapbooking side of things, I don’t have a process.

  4. Sounds like a great class. I just am taking my first online class now and loving it. I most usually ALWAYS make 2 page layouts because I like the way they look more put together in my 12 X 12 scrapbooks. I also sometimes scrap 8 1/2 X 11 and put in binders and then it sometimes isnt as needful to make 2 page layouts. Thanks for some more inspiration!!

  5. I am excited about your possible new blog series because it would definitely help me 🙂
    However, I apologize cause I did not mean “random” as in you willy-nilly put bits here and there. I can tell there is a thought process, like balancing out the colors and/or add this embellishment to draw your attention here. In your “A little Birdie told me” LO on BPC it was eye-opening to see how you added the yellow paper on the bottom of one page, then the top of the other to balance it out, (and I think one more place too?). I honestly meant “randomly placing things” as in places I wouldn’t think of, but now that you put it there, it is amazing. I have a ton of embellishments that I’ve bought but once I get them home, I don’t know what to do with them or where to put them.
    Course I’m still hoping you do a blog series on this subject so I can learn how to add those little touches to a LO to make it extra special. I also need to step out and try adding paint, stickles, mist, or doodling in places and not be afraid to mess something up.

  6. I would love that blog series too. You have this really cool casual look to your layouts. I understand what Lisa was saying because you have so many bits and pieces and layers that go into a lo. Could your style be called “organized random”?

  7. I LOve Autumn Leaves Buttons but have never seen these before. I may just have to buy them..and a few others!

  8. Random just isn’t the right word. It implies, well, randomness! And that’s not something I employ in my process. Its all thought out actually.

    But yes, sounds like I need to put that series on my list!!

  9. Loving the class – love that there are different takes on the sketches. EP Happy Days just arrived at my house today and I have to agree the paper is fabulous. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous page.

  10. LOVE your Double Take Class w/ Nic Howard! Just left you a question at BPC forum. IGNORE it! As soon as I hit send, I thought, “You didn’t check May’s Blog” bet the answer is there!” It is. I have to break down and buy the hipstamatic app for my son’s ipod! This LO is wonderful, showing how you can get so many photos on 2 pages plus still look creative/artistic! Your blog series sounds very interesting!

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