thank you for the support!

When I say it took the entire day, I mean that for the last 24hrs all time not spent with girls, sleeping, or out of house has been to make this video for my upcoming class. Know what? I love it more than the original and this one is uploading as we speak, so please… knock on wood that there are no further technical difficulties. Here’s a peek…


Here’s theΒ link.

Hoping students enjoy the format + all the info and fresh new projects! No time to think about that too much though…

Now back to hoping technology continues to play nice, and make the PDF file for class – because you KNOW my contribution has to include plenty of images + tips!!

Happy Crafting this weekend everyone – I will be most definitely spending time away from this computer!!

PS: don’t miss the GIVE AWAY for a spot in this amazing event in the post below…

18 thoughts on “thank you for the support!”

  1. Taking Inspiration Showcase now -Amazing!! I would love to win Spawn of True Scrap to keep me on my toes!!! Love your emails!! You have struggles just like the rest of us mortals:)

  2. So happy for you that it all came together πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :). Very impressive intro – definitely ready for Hollywood ;). Now you can really enjoy your weekend!

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