CHA prep in full swing!

If you’ve been near my studio you’ll at times hear Christmas music this week. Huh? What? Well, it’s because I’m working with some very special (secret, brand new) products coming soon! Today I was THRILLED to see that it’s been peeked…

Check it out – Tim has started revealing product:

I’m geeked out. I mean – kraft + holidays?! You have to know this is the stuff of dreams for me!! I’m looking forward to more peeks from what he’s up to – I have NO idea! I’ve been working with all this lovely new kraft stuff and after CHA I’ll share my projects that I made for Tim’s booth… but in the meantime I’ll tell you I’ve been having a BLAST.

So much fun. It all coordinates with his previous holiday offerings too (stamps, stickers, etc)

[and so hard to keep my work a secret!]

Back to creating for me – have a lovely Wednesday!!

7 thoughts on “CHA prep in full swing!”

  1. This is such a fun time. Even if I cannot have bunches of new scrapping goodies, CHA time is filled with so much inspiration. That said I really love the charms and am anxious to get a clearer view of the resist stash papers. Even on Tim’s post it is difficult to see.
    Happy crafting, May, you lucky duck.

  2. oh, and if you need more christmas music, i’m your girl. i have literately hundreds of christmas cds. seriously.

  3. I LOVE tim and his holidays line are my FAVORITE and I love your work so looking forward to the peeks!

  4. I’m in love with the Christmas charms, and I think I see Christmas paper though I’m having a hard time seeing the details.

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