bloopers & crazy.

I’ve finished taping my promo video for my fall Big Picture on-line workshop…

and I’ve escaped with my sanity… maybe?

I posted on twitter about how it was getting awfully silly up in here, and was encouraged to please post bloopers/outtakes here. Well… if you want to see it here it is. I don’t recommend it. Things get very weird. You see, I’m supposed to be having a conversation and it’s not supposed to be stiff or formal so I was trying to stay loose and natural by talking between takes and such… and well… yeah.


[I can’t even try to explain. A bit of time in the cool pool and a good dinner and I’m feeling more like myself again. back to work for me]

13 thoughts on “bloopers & crazy.”

  1. Dude! I can’t wait to see what the new class is (and I am sure I am SOO in – long as it’s not too expensive!) I hope it’s plenty crazy and twice as fun (as what, I’m not sure!) VERY fun video!!

  2. Thanks! 🙂

    I’m not scheduled to… but I’m open to it!! I’d love to come. 🙂

  3. I kinda like the crazy, so what does that make me??????? Honestly, you remind me a bit of my next door neighbor, who I like, and Stacy Julian’s color videos, which were kind of rambly, so it’s all good. 🙂

    ~ Laura

  4. Well anything I’m involved in gets my brand of crazy. Can’t be helped. That said – I don’t go all wacked out in classes – that just doesn’t mix. That I save for blog, twitter, and blooper reels. 😉

  5. Loved your cute, crazy video. I’m in already. Can’t wait to get a closer peek.

  6. I was already excited to see what your next class was going to be at BPC and this just made me more excited to sign up! LOved your last class in May and can’t wait for the fall one. All super creative people are silly and fun to be around some, most all of the time? Pick one. All I’m sure of is that your video made me smile and that’s a fantastic way to start a work day, so THanks May for once again sharing a laugh with me!

  7. Well, I am loopy today too, but mine is from an RF procedure on my spine, actually from the drugs. I like your kind of crazy much better. You are just a fun person, and when you mix fun person and sweltering heat, you get a little bit of funny crazy. Like all of your fans, I too am looking forward to your next class.

    Hope you enjoyed your dip in the pool.

  8. At least you aren’t sipping a cup of hot tea while you record this. But then again, maybe you are.

    Sign me up for crazy! I am there.

  9. Very entertaining – I heart outtakes.but, twice as awesome as what? I want to know…

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