Project filled weekend…


I’m working on about 9 different projects, all are 1/2-3/4 done. I’m really, truly looking forward to taking some stuff from “in progress” to “finished”.


We snuck in a family gathering, some chill time, and relaxation in between my wild work frenzy.


I’m finishing up class kits for next weekend- so excited to spend a crafty day out!! Then it’s back to BPC class and finishing the next class so I can share!

And then…

[insert more projects due this week here]


I have two speeds: full and zero. I’m flying through stuff or very still. This week has been a major case of this!

Good thing I LOVE what I do.

5 thoughts on “Project filled weekend…”

  1. Really awesome to love what you do. I find when my table is filled with important deadlines, I then work at my best speed getting more done than I ever thought I could. I just cannot figure out why I cannot always be super productive. It must be super fun to teach the classes.

  2. Looking so forward to hearing about your new class. Can’t wait to sign on up!!

    Have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

    PS Loving the Altered Book ~~ I mean serious LOVE =)

  3. Girl…do you sleep? I’m looking at all you do and feeling rather inadequate that I can’t seem to fit in all I want to be doing. Some nights, it’s all I can do to get home from work, get family fed, lunches packed, dish-washer going, and a load of laundry done. And I’m only dealing with an almost-toddler and a husband!

    I am officially 2 weeks behind on my current BPC class I’m taking. But I returned to the working world a week ago…and last week I managed to keep up with the aforementioned tasks AND get some work done on a mini album. And I got some gaming in too. (Hey…you like tatoos, I like Rifts and World of Warcraft. We gotta have our “things”) Maybe I’m not doing too bad. Now if I had time to blog…

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