Spring Break Mix.

Spring break started off with 2 birthday parties + 2 family birthdays in 4 days. HOLY WOW. Talk about getting things off to a fast paced start!! What happened to mom’s quiet time? Guess my spring break isn’t happening just yet.

We all love to cook in this house. I let Miss B “cook” some spring break trail mix…

Jason asked if there was a recipe. You don’t need no stinkin’ recipe for trail mix! It’s just whatever you want it to be. For us this time around that meant dried fruit, cheerios, almonds, choc. chips, and marshmallows. AKA: Becca’s spring break mix. Then I let her mix until she got bored and threw it in a tupperware to be doled out as afternoon treat.

Becca feels I should have allowed more marshmallows… Elizabeth felt there was too much fruit, not enough chocolate.

Isn’t that always the way when you’re a kid?

4 thoughts on “Spring Break Mix.”

  1. So sweet! You can never have enough marshmallows or chocolate! Oh – and our September is like your April – we have 3 kids with birthdays in the first week of September – talk about crazy!!!

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