happy sunny saturday…

I had some fun shopping for some new glass containers… I’ll share photos soon. You see, I’m spring cleaning and organizing here in my studio. Oh but I saw SO MANY inspiring things at Cost Plus and Pier 1… I *never* go out shopping and so the rare times that I do? Well my brain gets overwhelmed and inspired and I LOVE it.

I fell in love with this tray (it has ‘feet’ so it is raised off of the table – LOVE!!) at Pier 1. link

I actually NEVER go in Pier 1 because it’s a crazy dangerous store. Sometimes I can escape unscathed, other times I find myself writing a wish-list a mile long!! Yesterday I found a PURPLE DAMASK CHAIR. Yes, I used all caps.

and so now I’m back to cleaning so I can get rid of the trunk (I don’t have a chair at my computer!) so I can move this chair in… oh how I want it… it’ll be perfect!!

Jason LAUGHED and said if I could get the scary closet clean, sure! By all means move in a chair to the studio. (He knows how hard that scary closet will be to clean!!)

Anyhow – have a beautiful weekend…

10 thoughts on “happy sunny saturday…”

  1. Good luck cleaning out the scary closet. It will be worth that awesome chair. Beautiful sunny day here in the Chi burbs. I shall be spending some time cleaning out the gardens. Then my body will find its way to my craft room to relax and play. Happy, fun day.

  2. That is a pretty chair. I hope you get the scary closet cleaned so that the chair can come & live with you.

  3. I think cleaning the scary closet sounds like a small price for that incredible PURPLE DAMASK CHAIR. Just think about how your creativity will be amped up when you are sitting in it.

  4. Tray-not so much-but the chair!Oh my I’d even offer to clean out our truck for one of those.

  5. Love the tray! LOVE the chair. And as for the scary closet go for it. That chair is so worth it!

  6. I’m looking forward to reading about the scary closet clean out!! That chair is worth it!!

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