creative chick canvas: part 1

I thought it would be fun to share this canvas project I’ve been working on for Elizabeth’s room. It is 8×10 in size…

1. Painted canvas with Liquitex iridescent medium (think white paint that sparkles) mixed with brown distress stain. (As shown in  distress stain post I did a while back).

2. Hated the brown-ness. Coated again with the liquitex medium – this time using foam brush and big strokes to create lines.

3. Used cookie cutter to make circle, poured both more of the liquitex medium + Tattered angels glimmer glaze (yellow) and mix around to make a sun.

4. as sun dries yes, it’s going to look kind of like egg yolk. Add more yellow as needed, also add in “rays” with the paint mixture and/or add stickles for added color and texture (I used scattered straw).

5. Use blue glimmer mist and lightly spray over (still damp) canvas avoiding the sun.

6. Accept that sometimes your canvas will take on life of it’s own. I can not explain the “dots” or why my mist pooled some places more than others. I’m just running with it.

7. Cut bird shape out of paper. Use Perfect Paper adhesive, multi-medium, or other liquid adhesive to adhere to canvas. NOTE: I did not wait until paint dried.

8. decorate that bird! Using smooch ink, paint, and pens I doodled in feathers, feet, etc…

9. Use bubble wrap + distress ink to stamp dots of color randomly around the background. My bubble wrap is heart shaped, cuz I stole it out of a thing of valentine candy.

10. Let it all rest and dry before we continue on…

My creation has a lot of work still to go- so watch for a “part 2”.

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