Heigh Ho.

I’m a big hot mess.

NOT complaining- just keeping it honest. It’s been… wild.

Mostly good, with a dash of tension and mounting deadlines.

Tonight I thought… why not share the madness? So I made a quick video, set to an appropriate song (Los Lobos sing “Heigh Ho”) for such a wild day. Now disclaimer – my studio is THRASHED. beyond. Like some bomb went off in the bat cave!! Just keeping it real. I’ll be posting photos of a clean studio…

oh who am I kidding. IF I can get any part clean. Right now I’m off to put all my papers & stamps back away. Some sneaky peeks in this video of upcoming projects you’ll see around the web…


5 thoughts on “Heigh Ho.”

  1. OMG! I love love the song, it’s so crazy! Thanks for keeping it real, love the dog looking bewildered like she’s thinking she’d going to be lost in the bat cave!! And I loved Agnes and the Hit man, so crazy and funny!

  2. Thanks May, loved the video. Yes, its so nice to see that you too create messes like the rest of us. I loved the song brought back nice memories while watching the video.

  3. For a second there I was about to say HOW the heck did she come and video tape my room! Ha… But then again you’ve got sewing machines(I’m still afraid although I REALLY want one!) I have barbies and other dollies taking over my little bit of room I have in here (I share the scrap room w/my little girl) I said today is the day I will put it back…although the barbies always seem to win sooner or later but I have to try right? 🙂

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