Tim Holtz: Miss E age 5 layout

Happy National Crafting Month! Although, every month (not just March) is a crafty month around here! I thought I’d share a layout from CHA that I made (for Tim Holtz) today. I hope you enjoy!

So first off – I wove two pieces of paper (one new kraft resist with one from the vintage shabby pack) together and made sure to secure all edges really good. Then I used a dinner plate as a template and cut it into a circle. Ah but it wasn’t super stable so I put adhesive on the back and stuck it to another sheet of paper, which I cut in an imperfect circle around it. Then I stitched all around the edges (just for fun) and got to making my layout…

The frame around my photo was die cut with Tim’s bracket die. Most of the goodies used here are new (and from what I hear arriving in stores any day now!) – I’ll tell you a bit more about the layout:

Up at the top I hand cut some triangles to make a banner. Just for fun and because I’m still loving the banner look. I also chose to cut out the “note book” paper piece (from new Crowded Attic paper pad) and journal on the back of it. You can see that is mounted onto a kraft glassine envelope (below).

I also called in some favorites from Tim’s previous release – below you can see a strip of his ribbon, a die cut flourish (from Vintage Shabby paper), brads, and some tissue tape.

Unable to keep adding to this wild page – I used the new alpha parts for my title, which is inside a cut-out heart that has inked edges. You may also notice I used several number “5” elements in my design, to tie in with the theme and title.

I had such a good time with this layout. Pure crafty fun.

10 thoughts on “Tim Holtz: Miss E age 5 layout”

  1. I love that picture. I always marvel at the fact that I can take a ton of pictures, go through them and be like “Oh that’s cute” over and over….and then there’ll be that one that just jumps out at me and screams “SCRAPBOOK ME!”

  2. What I truly love about your layouts is that you seem to just keep adding this thing and that until you are satisfied that it is enough. I have visions of you surrounded by Tim stuff (or whomever), and choosing one, putting it back, and then another, and then… It is actually a rather comical vision, but then you create a masterpiece.

    I am also amused that you chose to weave your background papers. I was thinking last night of ways to add texture to a background and weaving was one, along with braiding. Lately I have been looking at the world in texture and how can it translate to a scrapbook lo.

  3. I love it and last night I was dreaming of scrapping in circles all over a layout!! I love the layers in the cluster to the left. And the picture is priceless! I need that vintage pad now lol. I hope they have it at one of the chain stores! I will really miss being in class I have learned so much!

  4. You know, that’s about the gist of it!! I do indeed pull stuff, put it back… and due to my small actual workspace I’m always surrounded. 🙂

    Texture is GOOD. I’ve been really focused on it lately. 🙂

  5. I understand you’ll be at my favorite LSS in N Charleston, SC soon! I wish I could come to the party! But I am my mom’s only caregiver, so I won’t be able to make it. 🙁 Maybe next time. I know you’ll really enjoy the folks at Charleston Scrapbooking, I love them! Hugs, Jessica

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