Sweet Treat

Quick! Need to wrap up a Valentine? Grab a big chocolate bar, some scrapbook supplies, and…

Seriously easy. I just inked the edges of the paper, wrapped it around the bar (and taped it to itself creating a ‘wrapper’ of sorts) then decorated the front. That’s new Girls’ Paperie Vintage Whimsey lovliness.

I fixed it so the charm and such could easily be removed and re-used. So once she’s eaten the chocolate, she can enjoy the sweet scrappy treats in her next project!! (Yes, I sent this to a crafty friend)

6 thoughts on “Sweet Treat”

  1. Pure loveliness May…you have one lucky friend. Lots of crafting today on my plate-gotta get caught up in class 😉 Where did you find the charm? Its delightful!

  2. This is a great project and the charm is fabulous! Your site is always fun, because you use your stash is such creative ways. I always get the feeling you are trying to use every last bit of product, and it’s fun!

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