I won’t be on a plane until March, but darn if this week isn’t flying by in a blur! I’ve got a couple of things I want to note today…

If you’re local to Charleston & want to be first to know drop me an email and I’ll keep you posted. It’s going to be SO FUN.

I can absolutely guarentee you’ll see a class from me soon featuring Glitz goodness!! (sneak peek pictured above). Oh man. I love it all but that’s my favorite.

 Oh and Jenni Bowlin in my upcoming classes too. She’s just BLOWING My mind! Core’dinations is really rocking too – oh wow… I’m so inspired! I want to play & craft and make merry!!!

I’m off to get back to work here- I have been cleaning out my studio and I can only get to my computer if I stand a certain way and well… I need to clean up a bit.

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  1. Hi May,

    Please keep me posted on your trip to Charleston. After reading about it, I immediately called my best galpal to share the news. We are both looking forward to playing and creating with you.


  2. The big problem with me cleaning up my scrap studio is I can’t find anything after. Ha Ha Ha. I am forced to clean sometimes though. Have fun. Take a picture after where you can remember how nice it looks.

  3. Tempting. Charleston is within easy distance to Columbia and the 18th is very close to my birthday so I might just have a little leverage to make this happen. Need . More. Details. 🙂

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