10 projects for Christmas: candle

Take pretty jar candle. Add strip of deco-cut (this is scallop border punched) paper, glitter and glue around the candle. Add decoration where paper meets to disguise it. Gift with a smile.

I suggest using the Girls’ Paperie Tinsel & Twig line as I have here. It’s sooo lovely and just right for this kind of gifting.

3 thoughts on “10 projects for Christmas: candle”

  1. Out of curiousity, what glue do you use to stick it to glass? I’m not real confident in my current adhesive. Thanks for all of the recent ideas – great for quick gifts.

  2. Crafty Power Tape by Scrapbook Adhesives = AWESOME! It’s a double sided sticky tape, it sticks most things. Any super strong double sided tape should work though.


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