10 projects for Christmas: little box

This project is super easy – some mist, some fabulous Girls’ Paperie products, a kraft jewelry box (purchased at Michael’s for about 50 cents), and a little ink.

It was super quick, easy, and FUN! Plus I like to think whoever gets it will love the custom wrap I did for their gift card. I like dressing up gift cards…

I made a video I’m not real happy with… but I’ll share it anyways in case you want to see how I hold my iPhone, shoot a video, and make this project all at the same time. Yeah, really.


I added some stickers and mist after I turned the camera off – I think that’s about it.

Happy {Holiday} crafting!!

4 thoughts on “10 projects for Christmas: little box”

  1. You are a crazy gal ! The box is very cute and reminds me of Tim’s tag today (#3)… Love the Christmas music too !

  2. Was that a SpongeBob bandaid? Great job one handed and stamping without a block. Peel, ink and stamp – very efficient!

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