Zoe Archer is about as ‘steampunk’ as I get in my fiction reading. (and that’s not very much at all) I have her latest in my hot hands right now and I CAN NOT WAIT for this weekend when I get to dive into Stranger, the 4th installment in her Blades of the Rose series. *Squee* I’m seriously geeked out over this book – finally the tale of the inventor of all their wacky tools gets his own book!! (book nerd rant over now)

So why do I bring up this sub-genre of fiction I barely touch? Because I wrote an article about it + crafting for Scrapbook Update!

See the whole layout + lots of fun steampunk-ery here:

5 thoughts on “Steampunk!”

  1. Thanks to introducing Zoe Archer to me. I’ve got all 4 books winging their way to me in Hong Kong via best thing about this website for me is that unlike amazon I don’t have to pay for international postage…..I’m going to have to start getting super organised as I know once they arrive I ain’t going to be doing much else. also included is the Barefoot Contessa’s new cook book….

  2. How did you get Stranger early???? Release date here is next week. 🙁

    Oh well….I know what I’ll be doing on Tuesday night.
    Thanks again for the referral….super fun books!

  3. It’s listed as 12/1 on Borders… I’ve heard that most all of their stores have it in stock now!!

  4. The article is wonderful-I didn’t know what Steampunk is,the layout is fantastic-and Becca’s hair is beyond beautiful-Wow!

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