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The beginning of this video shows where my computer is NOT. It died a sudden death… and is off to be fixed (under warranty). Sooo… I’m going to have to do without a lot of tech and mooch off J’s computer for 7-14 days or so. UGH. Luckily I don’t think anything irreplaceable was lost in the hard drive crash. phew.


Anyhow – enjoy the video! Images of the final card will be posted later.

9 thoughts on “video view…”

  1. Enjoying your little vids. The card looks great, very individual. Will we be hearing a bit of commentary any time soon?

    ** Kate **

  2. so sorry to hear about your computer. that happened to me once and then I investe heavily in back up equipment! like the videos too.

  3. A few blogs ago you were talking about photo printing – I have yet to master printing on the color printer at home. Have you ever taught a class on learning to make a decent color print in a variety of sizes. Or perhaps I’m the only one who has difficulty printing photos. Now I use target or Walgreens because I got tired of my dh complaining about the amount of ink I was going through. I just began making minibooks from paper-bags and would like to be able to use photos smaller than the standard 4 x 6 size and small enough to use on tim’s film tape any suggestions? I hope you are having a delightful Halloween with your girls and husband.
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Hmmm. Is the problem that your home printer really isn’t cut out for high quality photos? Not sure what to advise.

    Personally I have 99.9% of my photos of all sizes printed at or Costco. I don’t mess with home printing and ink. Is always more expensive and time consuming for me.

    Sometimes I use PSE to re-size and/or fit more than one photo on a 4×6 file then have that printed. There are quite a few ways- and in fact many places print odd size photos now. 🙂

    Happy Monday!


  5. Sorry to hear about your computer issues. Hopefully they’ll fix it up quick for you.
    Enjoyed the video. ~Just curious, why don’t you talk during the videos?

  6. Wow! Love the card and the ideas – I have a stamp like that jar-hmmm! If only I could stamp two handed like you stamp one handed! I really enjoyed this thank you for making the effort!

  7. Great video! Sorry about the computer though. I love seeing a little peek into your creative process. And I love all the goodies you’re using!

  8. Great video May, love that card it’s so fun and unique!!

    Sorry to hear about your computer, that reminds me I just downloaded photos and need to back them up. I’ve lost some that way before :o( Glad to hear that you didn’t though.

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