give-away: Ella’s newest book!

Ella has a new e-book…

Journaling that Matters

Journaling is hard. Even for professional writers, deciding what to say on a layout can be truly challenging, let alone figuring out how to make it authentic, creative, and meaningful. But struggle no more, because help is on the way!

Journaling that Matters is packed with 51 easy tips to help you write from the heart without breaking a sweat. You’ll love the expert advice, inspirational layouts, practical tips, and timeless suggestions that are suitable for writers of all levels—from the most experienced journalers to the most insecure. Kelly, Angie, and their eight talented contributors will help you unlock important stories and tell them with confidence. Also featuring the work of: Linda Barber, Moon Ko, Donna Jannuzzi, Layle Koncar, Audrey Neal, Keshet Shenkar, Wendy Smedley, and Stephanie Wheeler.

I’ve already dug into this e-book a bit – it’s a winner for sure. What could be better? Ella wants me to give a copy away!!

To be entered, just leave a comment here and if you’re so inclined – share your favorite method of journaling or some other journaling-related item of interest. I’ll draw a winner on November 3 and announce here on my blog.

Happy Journaling!!

53 thoughts on “give-away: Ella’s newest book!”

  1. I am getting into journaling more from the heart. Telling stories, not just facts. I just took the Book of Stories class on BPC and loved it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  2. My tip is to add more than the who, what, when, where and why, by adding how did the event feel. I love to ask my children what was their favorite part of the event and then add that to the journaling.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I love writing sentences everywhere almost like factoids of the moment capture. It makes it less who, what and more my thoughts. 😀

  4. I think journaling is something we always struggle with. I try to stick with the who,what,why, when and am looking forward to ideas to help step outside that box!!

  5. I like list journaling for getting lots of info, but not having to “craft” a complex story. Thanks for the chance!

  6. I don’t have a secret, just write what I feel and don’t feel the need to journal every pic.

    (I actually came here (missed my blogs today) because I saw your SUCCESS on a social network comment. Congrats on a great month)

  7. I usually have a bit of journaling and tend to have the 5 Ws (vs feelings and such). Would love to have some new ideas for my journaling.

  8. I am a post it note kind of girl. When I have a few extra minutes I will jot down stories, funny things my boys have said or done and ideas for layouts. When I get home I tape, glue or staple them into my scrapbooking notebook. Then when I need journaling or inspiration I just flip through it until I find something that works. This has really helped me keep from forgetting lots of little moments, plus it is a good use of the time I am stuck in the car, waiting on hold or just taking a break.

  9. Bullets points help in journalling if you’re really stuck. I also ask my husband his thoughts and about the event and add his perspective.

  10. i struggle with journaling. would love to have help putting my thoughts and stories on paper. thanks so much.

  11. I mainly do layouts of my grandkids. I love to compare them (in my journaling) to each other and to their mother. They love learning about their mom this way. I’ve enjoyed the Ella Books I’ve downloaded. Thanks for a chance to win one.

  12. If I’m making a paper page, I’ll try to plan space on the layout based on about how much I have to say. Then I just write it, usually at the end of the process, in pen, right on the page or journaling spot. If it’s a digi page, then it has to be typed anyway, so there’s more leeway to fix mistakes or change the size of the jornaling space.

  13. I already have this one as well and love it! My fave ways to journal are either to do it in list form or to answer a quiz

  14. I struggle with journaling. When I read what I have written, it doesn’t sound personal. I would love to write more from the heart.

  15. Would love to win this. I like to use quotes and scripture verses as a journaling jump start.

  16. I have trouble with journaling… sometimes I feel I’m just stating the obvious, but years after I’m gone this might be a good thing to know who that person is and where they are! I like little handwritten journal spots~tags or cardstock. I never use computer journaling.

  17. My trick is to journal when I am in the mood– when I force it to happen, it doesn’t sound like me. Please pick me!!

  18. Oh, I’d love to win this – thanks for the chance!

    My favorite way to journal is with a quiz. It’s kind of a no-brainer. And they’re really fun to read in the present AND down the road.

  19. I really like to print out the sentences and cut them all apart putting them on in bits and pieces.. Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. I try to keep a note book close by and whenever I have thoughts or inspiration I write them down. When I get to that LO I use the words exactly as I wrote them when full of emotion. I also really love handwriting my journaling.

  21. I have good intentions but am so bad when it comes to writing down my ideas for journaling. I do carry a small notebook in my purse, and I do want to get into the habit of journaling a little bit everyday. I know from experience that if you do not write it down, you forget all those cute and amazing things that are said or happen throughout life.

  22. I am just now learning about journaling and I have started with a daily diary. I put quotes in my diary and little thoughts about stuff! I hope to use this stuff on my pages some day. Thanks!

  23. I always handwrite and do my journaling spontaneous – i.e. there is not always room for all I suddenly feel I want to write… Really need to learn how to deal with that. 🙂

  24. Two ways I’ve added my everyday thoughts, happenings and quotes: the common little notebooks scattered around the house that are labeled w/our family name’s Quotes. The kids are now trained that they even say – oh go get the quote book! Little scraps of paper are hole-punched if that’s all we have on hand to fit the little book (Levenger-style). The other method: I copy/paste email writings or postings I’ve written or details I’ve given photos in my photo editing program then I paste to a monthly Word doucument. Then it’s all there for me to print out for those personality pages or to refer to for event or everyday photo layouts. Every few days I’ll even add stuff like what’s going on in the news, etc.

  25. Oooh, yes please! Lately, I feel like I’m in a journalling rut.

    I usually find that my regular journal is a GREAT jumping off point for journalling. (Maybe I’m in a rut because I haven’t been keeping up with it!)

  26. I usually hand write my journaling an usually just go with the flow. I also tend to use journaling blocks/tags etc. instead of writing directly onto my layouts just in case I mess up or it does not fit 🙂

  27. I always write out all of my journaling on a piece of scratch paper and then edit like crazy before I recopy it on my scrapbook page. That way I always end up really pleased about the way in which I tell the story.

  28. I need this book. I do very little journaling b/c it seems so fact based (who what when where what). I need to add pizzazz. My typical journaling is done on a journal card b/c I don’t write too much and the size of a journal card is perfect for my writing.

  29. Very excited to read the latest and greatest from Ella. When will you be on the roundtable again? Love listening to your inspiring words. I love hidden journalling on tucked in tags etc.

  30. These days I try to do my journalling whenever I can – scribbled in anotebook between meetings or on my lunch break at work. Or using my phone and evernote. While waiting for an appointment. This way I don’t forget when inspiration strikes.

  31. I am constantly trying to beef up my journaling, and would love to win this book. What has been working for me lately is to try and document what I was feeling when the photos were taken…or why I want to scrap them now. Thanks for the chance to win, May.

  32. I love journaling around the edges of a page or around the border of a photo. I don’t like my handwriting at all, but I would say anything is better than nothing when it comes to journaling!

  33. I usually type my journaling and print it before adhering it to a page. I just did a really cool mini album where I used tweets for all the journaling. That was a really fun journaling method. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I usually just type something up in word then attach it to my journaling area. I have been accepting my non-perfect writing and just writing on journaling cards. I do like lists…1, 2, 3 or point form.

  35. I cant tell you how many scrapbook pages I have completed that are missing the journalling!! I always have space for it just never get around to doing it because I cant think of what to write beyond the who, what, where , when. Thanks for the chance to change that.

  36. You know, when I started scrapbooking several years ago I never had a problem with journaling, but now days it seems to take me SO long to get the journaling done for my scrapbooks. Right now the easiest way to journal for me is to do it in letter form. Bu truth be told, I am getting a little board with that method, so I need to come up with some other options.

  37. To me the story is the most important thing on the page – so I often start with the journalling and work my page around that. I love “list journalling” and use that technique a lot, especially for event pages.

  38. I love Ella’s eBooks!

    My favorite journaling method is probably the bullet-point list. It’s easy, and there are so many cool ways to use it.

  39. very cool- I look forward to reading this one. I try to always include something, but tend to forget the little conversations and moments that I really wanted to capture.

  40. If I’m stuck for jounaling, I think about what I’d say to someone viewing the layout. Anything I need to add/explain? Then I know that’s what I should include.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

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