The Glue Fruit Roll Ups.

First off – the texture fades (the folders that work with sizzix machines to create embossed images) by Tim Holtz ROCK. But, of course, being me I had to see if there was anything else I could do with them. I recalled long ago a project where a person used Elmers Glue to do something similar to what I’m doing on a textured surface. Anyhow, I made a video with my iphone to give you a better visual:


I used PPA by USArt Quest (available at some Michael’s craft stores as well as art stores/some scrapbook stores too) – that’s my go-to medium/liquid ‘stick anything’ product that I’ve used for YEARS. I can not suggest enough the greatness of this sealant/adhesive/medium. I used the matte finish, but the glossy could work as well. I wasn’t happy with my kid glue experiments. They just didn’t turn out as good and I figure if I want long lasting then the PPA is really the way to go anyhow.

All you do is coat the surface with glue. You don’t want it THICK… then it takes forever to dry and/or just won’t really dry. Still, you want it thick enough that the raised surfaces won’t tear/break from the thicker indented areas.

Then WALK AWAY for 24hrs. Oh, I pulled a few after 8-12hrs… and they stuck, were tough, took longer than when I waited at least a full day. If you are impatient, I suggest a small craft knife of paper piercer to assist you when the corners and such stick. There was usually some stick on some edges – but with the help of the tool it was no big deal.

If there are some tears, holes, rough spots… IT’S OK! Tim’s stuff is meant to be vintage/distressed, yeah? So it’s OK!!! In the video I show a few that were colored – on those I experimented with ink directly on the texture fade, then glue… it went BADLY. Those suckers were very tough to remove from the texture fades. I’d ink AFTER the glue is dry, not start with it as base.

Alright so once you have the glue faux-fruit roll ups (which is what I have named them since that’s what they feel like) what can you do?

Use ink, stickles, paint, and anything else yuo like with it to make a textured ANYTHING! On a layout, card, canvas (shown above)… so many things! Best part? Now you’ve got another use for those fantastic texture fades.

Want to know more? You’re in luck. I’m going to share the project you have a hint of above tomorrow…

9 thoughts on “The Glue Fruit Roll Ups.”

  1. I have tried doing this with a Fiskars texture plate before. I dont own any of the Tim Holtz embossing folders yet.

  2. I have to try this May… this is awesome news! hehe….love it and I can’t wait ti play but I have to wait for this weekend to buy that stuff.

  3. That’s pretty cool. They don’t get stuck or leave a residue on the folders ?

    Veddy veddy interesting ! thanks May !

  4. The Elmer’s Glue one I had a sticky issue, but it DID peel away eventually. No residue was left, I suspect because it doesn’t have anything to truly ‘grip’ in the smooth plastic surface. 🙂 I had one have a little residue, but it flaked off quickly and easily. No damage done. Of course I wouldn’t promise that with any glue used since all are unique. I’d test out whatever it is you decide to use on the outside or just a small bit at first.


  5. Wow,
    this is awesome. I will so be having a play. Perhaps putting a little glue down then some glitter and mixing it around??? Oh the possibilities are endless.

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