August 5 post from May:

Confessions from my studio:

  • my room is still a total mess. I’ve yet to clean up from the class I taught on July 17
  • I bought some new goodies, thus breaking both my ‘no new’ rule + my ‘no new until it’s clean’ rules. I lack discipline.
  • Writing up articles for scrapbook update about new stuff isn’t helping. You can check out my articles here:
  • I just found a craft knife I misplaced (and replaced) over a year ago.
  • Rebecca’s birthday gifts are buried somewhere in here, and I don’t think she’ll be ok with belated presents…

 In other less “geez May, you’re a mess!” news, I’m guesting over at the BPS blog today ( –

two new (fun) simple projects from me… hope you enjoy!

 Feel free to share your scrapbook confessions, or crafting in general confessions here. It’s ok. I’m a very flawed friend.

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  1. Very nice projects. I just have one question. You mentioned that you used blue distress ink for your stamping. Did you have trouble with the ink that was on the photos? Did it dry well? Thanks!

  2. Maybe you could help me find a 12 step program! I also have the don’t buy anything new till I use a larger quantity of what I have been Hoarding.
    At least I am in good company.

  3. No I don’t have any trouble. It takes a few minutes to set – so just don’t touch it right away but distress ink works great on photos too!

  4. Confession: I go to Michael’s almost every weekend (no indie LSS nearby). And I buy something. Sometimes it’s just a package of Thickers and package of glue sticks. But still. Thank goodness this addiction is legal, that’s all I can say! 🙂

  5. My true confessions:

    1. I am totally spineless when it comes to resisting new releases. Must. Have. Pretty. Paper. 😉 I’ve already placed two orders since CHA!

    2. If I have a page in progress, it is all I can think about!

    3. I sat at my desk chair for CHA week absolutely glued to the computer watching all the photos flooding Facebook!

    Glad to know I’m in good company!

  6. I love your confessions! Mine are that as I’m travelling I’m thinking about which photos to take for a scrapbook page! I need to live in the moment more!

  7. My craft table is covered in the remnants of my last project from over a month ago. I have misplaced my crop a dile, I haven’t taken it any where so I know it’s in that pile somewhere. I have several projects in various stages that need to be completed but I can’t do it. Even now I’m wanting to work on a new project knowing I shouldn’t because of the other things that need to be finished and the fact that I can’t really see my craft table.

  8. Confessions: my scrapbook room is a disaster I’m in the process of reorganizing (trying something new) and of course you know what that means trying to organize anything means it turns into a huge mess until its complete.

    It’s such a mess that the last 2 or 3 times I’ve scrapbooked I brought my stuff out to the dining room table because there is NO space for me to work in my actual scrapbook room.

    I avoid craft stores and the lss because I have no will power to resist buying “something”!! There for other than the glimmer mist I couldn’t resist trying and a couple of cool border punches I haven’t bought anything new for a year. (other than replacing adhesive of course) Those darn 40 and 50 % off coupons get me everytime if I let them LOL

    To reward myself for cleaning and organizing and being such a “good girl” for resisting temptation I joined a kit club. So now I will have something new every month!

    One good thing though the inspiration from camp scrap and the new kit club I joined has me scrapbooking more again and even better I’ve pulled older pictures (10 years or more) and scrapbooked those. It feels great to get those older photos onto a layout and get the story told.

    I love having flawed friends cause those perfect ones are not what they seem and come along with way to much drama for me.

  9. I love your no new products rules. I have that rule so was VERY excited about a kit arriving this week that I won! Totally got around my own rule that way. . .not that I don’t find other ways now and then. I really do need to start producing however. It’s been a bad year and scrapping has been on the back burner.

  10. OMG! My mess has gotten WORSE!!!! I actually had to go buy a new paper cutter…I can’t find the 2 I already own!

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