Campfire Girl.

Just call me a campfire girl. I’ve been living it up over in the Camp Scrap classroom + skyping with students too. FUN doesn’t even begin to explain what’s going on over there. So guess what happened when I treated my girls to grilled cheese + slush last night? I saw this:

Answer? Graham cracker ice cream + chocolate crunchy bits with marshmallow? MUST TRY IN NAME OF CAMP SCRAP!!!

We split the small one 3-ways me and the girls, and it’s super yum. Though the ice cream just kinda tastes like rich vanilla, still. GOOD.

That’s my idea of camping alright. I’m not big on ice cream – but this was tasty.

6 thoughts on “Campfire Girl.”

  1. AWESOME-ness, for certain! This is what camp is supposed to be about.

    Camp Cheer: Yippee! Camp Scrap!!

  2. How perfect is finding that? Love that sign – in particular the font and little campfire graphic. Campfire Blast would make a great page title, too!

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