I was trying to decide what to blog about today, then I saw this:×12-layout-idea-from-may-flaum/

Well goodness! They posted my page so fast I figure I would blog about it!

I love playing with paper stuff. It’s just so FUN. When I saw that I’d printed this photo (accident) + had this “photo” sticker from Glitz in my kit I knew it was meant to be.

The link I gave at start of post takes you to the how-to of the page (super easy) – and of course this is a sneaky peek of the July Little Black Dress Kit. A fun one – and even *I* the anti-orange person enjoyed the orange-ness of the kit. Yep, it was a fun one…

5 thoughts on “Sneaky…”

  1. Anti-Orange? How could that be? It must have been intolerable over at Fiskateers. 😉

    I love your layout! It’s beautiful. Nice touch with the dye mist.

  2. I didn’t have to craft orange despite working with Fiskars, so it worked out. 😉

  3. Totally unique =I love it. I love even more that I have a lot of the components you used-I may give this one a try.

  4. Love the title and that pic of the vintage gal taking photo is neat…I have a few shots of myself taking the photos…because where else is a Mom most of the time except behind the camera…I like your journalling and the layout.

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