hey there.

I’ve been camped out down here a whole lot…

Between Skype (um, SO much fun! Am totally putting in lots of extra hours on there for Camp Scrapers!), the camp scrap boards, and general assignment stuff I’ve been here tons! Yet, I’ve not been blogging. It cracks me up that I’m right here at the computer but just too preoccupied to think of blogging. wowza.

While putting all these hours in I’ve also been watching season 2 of True Blood…

It seems less shocking this season, or maybe I’m just more braced for it? Either way – majorly hooked into this show. This is one of those “but May you don’t like dark and often sad and yucky gross horror stuff”… I know, but I also am known to be kind of a study in opposites and all that – so yeah. True Blood is addictive. Mostly though it makes me want to re-visit the novels and so far I’m intrigued that by the seemingly little changes they put into the characters and plots knowing how much that can/will/should change things and make it different from novels. I mean – some characters are doing things (like not dying! or being into something they weren’t in books! or having a different maker!) that are going to make for major variation from the novels. I like that. At the same time I like that Sookie (oh how I love the way they all say “suhhh-keehhhh”) has the same plot lines (almost exactly) as novels so far so it stays true while doing it’s own thing.

I’m glad we get more of Pam and Eric too. They’ve always been favorites in the books and (pretty much like ALL the characters) I feel like they are exactly the same as the images I have in my brain from reading the books. *LOVE* that. Yeah, I think that’s what I love most. That as fan of the books the characters are true, even if they sometimes do other ‘not in the book’ stuff.

Reading the Sookie Stackhouse series again, I’m kind of surprised. I didn’t remember her being quite so, um, lusty. I also didn’t remember quite so much overlap in her love interests in the early books. Hmmm. I do still *love* the series the 3rd time around reading the books, and I’m quiet impressed that the author fits SOOO much into the 300 or so page novels. SO many times a series like this would be much longer in individual novel length – that takes MAD skills to fit it all into such a short package.

Anyhow. my 10 minutes of free time is up – I’m back to virtual scrap camp and to figure out some fun new prizes + projects…

4 thoughts on “hey there.”

  1. OOh! I’m anxiously awaiting the True Blood dvd’s via NetFlix. Though I am an avid fan of the horror genre, I can completely understand why non-creepy people would go for this show. After all, it’s not a horror series, it’s a romance one. 🙂

  2. I need to start reading that series. A friend has lent me Season 1 on DVD but I haven’t had a chance to start yet!

  3. I just finished watching True Blood recently. I never have read the books & wondered if it would be worth it after already watching the the 1st 2 seasons.

  4. Hi! I would love to connect with you on Skype with webcam…would you be willing to send your Skype name? Mine is onaprayer. Please let me know if appropriate or know of anyother scrappers using it.


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