The First Pup

With summer here, and Elizabeth out of preschool we’ve been finding ourselves reading even more. Our newest fave? The First Pup by Bob Staake.

Let’s just say this right off the bat: we love dog stories and I am a sucker for fantastic illustration in children’s books so this was an all-around win for us. I don’t even have to say much about it because pictures? Well you’ll see why it’s such fun to read and look at.

It’s the story of how Bo got to the White House, with the Obama family talked about too of course. What I really liked is that while it’s telling the tale of the dog, it’s also getting awareness about the president and such out there too for the little girls who would normally NOT want to hear about some man who’s running the country. Last time Elizabeth heard the president mentioned she said “Oh yeah, Bo’s owner!” (cuz I’m sure that’s how most people think of our president – as the human attached to the cute dog…)

Back to the book. I love all the details – like this guy on the red phone. The girls mostly love the dogs. Since we’ve read it at least 20 times already it’s a book I’m happy to have in our family collection. I think it would make a great birthday gift, or a just because summer read for any young boy or girl.

I find myself inspired to tell the story of our current dog and how she came to live with us. In fact, I think I’ll get working on that ASAP!

(note in photo above – we’ve given Princess a haircut and Becca is sporting her much demanded BLUE toe & fingernails much to my dismay. Ah well)

In interest of full disclosure – it should be noted that this book was sent to me by the publisher.

4 thoughts on “The First Pup”

  1. Hey! What’s wrong with blue nails? I have that exact sno-cone blue color nailpolish, myself. You must be a really cool mom because much to my dismay, I was never allowed to wear anything but clear or nailbed pink polish till I was in pagents (ugh–it wasn’t my idea). Even then it had to be pale pink, but maybe it could be just a hair darker than my natural nail color. Rebecca is a lucky girl (and she has an excellent eye for style and fashion. 🙂

    Just wait, she’ll convince you to paint your dog’s nails to match. I do mine! 🙂 It’s surprisingly easy.

    BTW, I’m officially enrolled as your student now. I can’t wait! Your classes ROCK! (Am I an embarassing fan?)

  2. There’s nothing wrong with them, which is why I have to allow it. I don’t do the “just cuz i say so with no good reason” restrictions on stuff like that.

    I just am, I don’t know, retro? I like shades of pink, clear, or red. That’s it.

  3. That sounds really cute. Have you heard of the Hairy McClary books (she’s a NZ author). And if you love illustrations check out Aussie authors Pamela Allen and Jeannie Baker!

  4. lovin’ the blue polish. funny because I just started painting my daughter’s nails last week, and that is the color she asked for. What is up with blue? Of course, I didn’t have any, so we settled for purple. 🙂

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