10 minute creative on a Tuesday

Shocking – I made a card. (I almost never do)

Just 10 minutes or less, sit and play with paper, do something creative. Keep those muscles toned & the creative muse flowing…

Bonus? I came up with a huge idea to share with all of you soon… I just need to make more cards first!

9 thoughts on “10 minute creative on a Tuesday”

  1. COOL card! Wow! I like this kind of exercise!

    Did you get my “hamburger” project?


  2. I enjoy making cards almost as much as scrapbooking – I think of it as a mini scrapbook page lol.

  3. I enjoy cardmaking for the same reason you mentioned. In a busy world, it is sometimes my only creative fix of the day. Plus it finishes up all those little ‘extras’ we have lying around from the bigger projects.

    Beautiful card, thanks for sharing.

  4. It looks great. I enjoy making cards because they’re quicker & I tend to experiment more with them. I guess I’m not as afraid of messing up a card as I am of messing up a layout lol.

  5. Super cute card May. I have started to like cardmaking almost more than scrapbooking because it takes so much less time to create something wonderful!!

  6. Okay, I’m intrigued….what’s your secret? Just whisper it to me…I won’t tell anyone!!

  7. Completely loving the look of this. I have a piece of corrugated cardboard calling my name now!

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