PRT #22

An image from my (insanely busy) yesterday…

I doodled & looked at my picks of the week for a bit during PRT (Paperclipping Roundtable) yesterday. Yep, I got asked to be on the show at the last minute and after a bit of frantic re-arranging got myself all settled in for a fun couple of hours with the PRT gang. I listen to the show every week and always talk back to it (ha!) so it was fun to be able to contribute again. Seriously, it was so much fun – loved talking unfinished projects with everyone. SUCH a cool podcast – I’m grateful Noell, Izzy, and Nancy do this every week. You can subscribe on ITunes (I do!) and for all the details you can check it out here:

FYI – Big Picture is a sponsor this month and that means there’s a discount code! To use it go to the link above and you can see the info on getting 10% off on a BPS class! (My class Camp Scrap is totally eligible!)

8 thoughts on “PRT #22”

  1. As soon as I saw your tweet about being on PRT, I downloaded it. I have listened to this podcast from the very first episode and each is awesome. I talk back to it, too. Hehehe.

    Can’t wait to listen as soon as I get in my scrap room tonite after boys go to bed. Looking forward to Scrap Camp! Loving you May, you’re everywhere these days. So fun!

  2. I listened to the PRT today- I love it, and always enjoy when you’re on. Very interesting topic, as always.

  3. I love PRT, but have not listened to this weeks episode yet. I did sign up for Camp Scrap using that 10% off. That was great. Can’t wait for Camp to start. Thanks.

  4. Geat show, May. Wonderful product picks, too! Looking forward to Camp Scrap. Let me know if you are planning on any crops. it sounds like you may be too busy!

  5. Can’t wait to hear it … I’m a bit behind with my listening.
    And TFS that coupon code for BPS … I’m already signed up for Camp Scrap but I can use it on whatever you teach next!

  6. Thanks so much for the coupon code, May! I registered for Camp Scrap- can’t wait!

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