Inside the studio: Made with love

I’ve been looking around the studio and thinking about the homemade items I have displayed. I find them inspiring.

The felt + photo magnet you see at bottom left can be found on Ali’s blog. I have items that I made, and also ones that were made for me like the AMAZING card my friend Kendra sent me…  

Until a few years ago this sewing sampler hung in my Grandma’s house. We made it together when I was 8 years old, she picked the colors (to go in her home, after all) and I was the world’s worst sewing student. I love that it’s here with me now.

A favorite quote (it’s a part of a not-so-great canvas piece I have hanging on my wall)…

I used to work with a woman that made cigar box purses. At the time I thought her the most innovative, amazing artist of all time. I was in awe that she could do such things with beads and paper. I still love it’s Wonder Woman goodness, and so I keep it on the shelf.

This next is a 5×7 canvas experiment that is likely on it’s way out…

Sometimes I let things go, and I think that’s ok.

One Christmas years back I got a Claudine Hellmuth original poppet piece… I adore that Claudine’s work is here in the studio with me. Likewise, I cherish this sweet Valentine I got this year from my favorite NYC-living and cupcake eating friend Kelly.

Without a doubt the best thing my mom ever made me…

It’s a little box with Molly Shannon on the front, and I nailed it to the wall by the door. It’s not the “best” piece she’s ever made, but it was made for me, and it’s perfect. I also have two “M” monsters (though one is missing)  by the coolest chick I know (a sister from another mother who reads this blog – hey T! I see you!)

I love them so much I’ve taken them on trips before – just for an added smile.

I also have a paperkins me made by my friend Tia and in the background you can see a custom horse needlepoint (I think it’s called needlepoint!) by my dear Aunt – she made it in the colors of my horse when I was a teenager and I’ve had it on my wall in every home I’ve lived in.

What does any of this have to do with my studio space or organization? Just that having hand crafted bits and pieces is inspiring to me, and often I forget how much handmade love is right here in this room – and not all made by me. I keep a box (missing in “scary closet” at moment) of handmade cards I receive, and other small treasures too. I can look through it when I need a pick-me-up or just want to be creatively inspired.

I believe that building myself a pretty and happy creative nest encourages productivity, creativity, and new ideas.

So much more for me to see & do – I’ve got a second article at SBUpdate all about the little pieces, and I’ve got about 10,000 things on my “share with my blog friends” list. LOTS more to come soon.

8 thoughts on “Inside the studio: Made with love”

  1. Ask and you shall receive!!! I was thinking it’s time for it to move on, and planning on looking for a home for it before it went to ‘le garbage’ land, but if you want it, then it’s yours! E-mail me your addy and I’ll get it out next week. 🙂


  2. Thanks May a great post, anything handmade for a fellow crafter is always precious whatever it is. Before i started crafting handmade items didn’t really mean much to me but now they hold much more importance if you know what i mean , the colours, the time spent making them, the story that goes with them. Your post has made me go around my craft room and my house looking at all of the handmade stuff. Love it all.

  3. The valentine that your friend made you is the coolest idea! It’s our anniversary coming up and I do believe that would make a pretty sweet card to give to him. He gets a kick out of my homemade stuff 🙂 Thank you for posting that!!

  4. I’m really enjoying this series. Your scraproom is defintely You. That would be an interesting magazine feature- match the scraproom to its owner. My scraproom looks just like my layouts do, and I bet that’s really common.

  5. congrats on making the girls’ paperie design team! Can’t wait to see what you make! 🙂

  6. I love all your handmade goodies. And loved the part 2 for scrapbook update too

  7. Love it! You made me want to go dig out some stuff that really should live in my scraproom, now where is that cigar box purse?

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