The Jane table.

I was talking about this little table to one of my favorite people on the phone, and it inspired me to share. Years ago I found a wood table (it’s about 8″ square, 3 feet tall) and I krylon spray painted the heck out of it. It’s been buried deep in scary closet, nowhere for it to be of use. Well as I re-vamp the studio I found I could stick it next to my reading chair, and I’m happy to have it back in use…

It has paint “coffee” stains (actually lumiereĀ paint by jacquard) as well as a few ripped up pages out of pride & prejudice. I bought this copy because it had random illustrations in it and I rip pages out of it to use in crafting on a regular basis. I know I used a tea stain or some kind of staining on the pages before sealing it all up with a krylon sealant spray.

Anyhow, nothing earth shattering or new, but I thought it would be fun to share. I love that it’s back in use instead of being stuck in the closet. The flower on top of it is a cool thing my mom bought me a few years back, and the little corner shelf is stolen from Rebecca’s room (she never had anything on it!). I love moving stuff around and finding new uses for it.

Now, back to work…

I’ve got a lot of crafting to do this weekend, and I’d better get to it if I am going to have time to enjoy some iced tea in my quiet corner!

9 thoughts on “The Jane table.”

  1. love your quiet corner and your jane table…the paint “coffee stains” are so cool. Have a wonderful weekend! šŸ™‚

  2. I also love finding new uses for stuff. Unfortunately, I had to give up some this weekend, and give them to Goodwill, in the hopes that someone else would find use for them. (that hurt…but the new baby has to have use of her closet.)

    Are those Nancy Drew books on the shelf? I *love* Nancy Drew. I’m trying to collect all the books. (as if I have room for that.)

  3. Your Jane table reminded me of a dog table I had once. I bought it at a craft show; it was just a little table where the dog’s body was the flat part, and in addition to its four legs had a head and tail – all hand carved and painted turquoise. Sadly, after a good life it fell apart – but today I’m missing that table, thanks to you :).

    ‘Jane’ looks great – so glad she’s getting a new lease on life.

  4. Must be time for spring cleaning and rearranging! My daughter and I unloaded a bookcase from my space (which I had stolen from her) and put it back in her room to hold the stacks of books that had nowhere to go. This caused me to face the stacks of her school papers, finally, and almost everything is going in the recycling! Victory!

  5. The table is beautiful and inspiring (as is the blog on your studio) as I ponder reclaiming my soon-to-be-leaving foster daughter’s room and how I can make it useful and MINE. Thanks!

  6. That table is so pretty and fun. I really love the “coffee” stains – great idea!

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