A Pinkalicious kind of day.

My girls are fans of the Pinkalicious books that we’ve collected (Costco often has them, as does Target and our Borders Bookstore). The new paperback Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink has been held up as a potential reward ever since Amazon.com added it to my coming soon recommendations (oh how I love that feature!) a few weeks back. Being book fiends as I am, the girls have been looking forward to it. After we read it twice it was determined we’d have to have a pink drink party, and today we got our supplies together and made it happen.

We decided to make the treats, and simply buy this tasty looking pink lemonade. We made strawberry cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting, and to add zip we smashed about 10 strawberries through a strainer into the cake mix. Extra yum.

We used some of the leftover cake mix to make cake pops, which the girls swear were great but were in fact kind of heinous. I need to read (and actually follow) Bakerella’s directions next time. They’re not as easy as they seem!

The pink drinks served (after reading ALL the books, naturally) with cherries in them added another level of fun. The occasion was literally “daddy’s not home, it’s Wednesday, we’re inspired” for this little fiesta. Just fun girl stuff.

If you’re thinking “May, you owe me __ (e-mail, call, project, etc)__!” Now you know why it didn’t happen this afternoon.

Back to the book – it is beloved (just as the others are), and when I asked what they liked best I was told the gross part where she puts frosting into the lemonade is the best. Also that it’s best read when wearing tutus and pink nail polish. My thought? You’ll be seeing a “pinkalicious” scrapbook project in my near future.

I hope you have a happy & creative day – whatever that might mean to you!

PS – in interest of full disclosure and all that, the publisher of Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink sent the book to me, I didn’t purchase it. This got me untold cool points with the children – that “pinkalicious” knows me and sent me her book. 🙂  They LOVE the book, and I think the series is just one of the prettiest, girliest, most lovely things out there.

12 thoughts on “A Pinkalicious kind of day.”

  1. Well I don’t have kids so I have never heard of Pinkalicious but sounds like a wonderful way to spend a girly day. I’ll be watching for the layouts.

  2. Oh, that’s too cute. Love the last picture with the little pinky. I had an on those cake pops for a while, need to try them.

  3. Hrm…I’m thinking, “May, you owe me…an invitation to your PURPLICIOUS party!” or at least your next pink one. Either way, I wanna play too!

    (and the pink cake lollies look yummy from here!)

  4. I love this idea! Tea parties are such fun and this one will bring back the very best memories for the girls. Love the nail polish, love that they helped prepare for the party, and love that you followed a theme based in a book. The book related experience probably guarantees they’ll both be book fiends like their Mom!

  5. How fun! I was thinking, before you even mentioned it, that we definitely need to see a scrapbook page about this!

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