Real + happy = Stacy Julian

I mentioned a few weeks back that I want to start posting about people who are telling their life stories in ways that are real and true. People who inspire me. Just a little note of love and appreciation to them, and today I think I’ve got the perfect starting point.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Stacy Julian, or even if you frequent her blog you’ll probably know what I do – that she’s not only talented and creative but also very REAL. She embraces her life, her children, and her quirks with such a passion. She shares insecurities and things that she wishes and she’s not afraid to dream BIG.

I heard in a recent podcast (Paperclipping Roundtable) that she had gone to CK with her idea for Big Picture Scrapbooking, and they rejected it as a silly idea. Can you imagine? I can, actually as someone who’s had wild ideas shot down many times before. See, that’s the wonderful thing about Stacy. The wildest idea I could imagine I know I could take to her and she’d try and help me think of ways to make it work. (Camp Scrap is a current example!) 

She’s full of brightness and creativity and she’s always encouraging others to be their best selves. I have seen and heard her support women and small business owners and encourage others to do the same. I see her revealing both her high and low points, and admitting when she doesn’t get it just right. While I’m sure she’s not always smiling in real life, I’m also sure that she’s trying to look for a reason to smile. To bring more color into the world. To make it a happier place. I just love that attitude, and it’s definitely been something I myself try to do as well.

Today is her birthday, and she’s celebrating in true style with a list of things about her very real self. I wish her much energy, color, happiness, and love today and every day. I also thank her for being such a positive, happy, looking for the sprinkles and silver linings kind of woman in my life. I’m blessed to know her, that’s for sure.

Thanks just for being so YOU Stacy, and for influencing my favorite hobby (Scrapbooking) as you have. You are so very real, and a bright ray of light in my creative world always.

7 thoughts on “Real + happy = Stacy Julian”

  1. Great post May! Stacy ROCKS! Hands down, she is my scrapbooking (and not only) idol. I was lucky to take her Finish Line class 2 years ago in person.

  2. I got the chance to meet Stacy a couple years ago at a Scrapbooking Retreat in South Dakota, of all places. I have always loved her, she is so inspiring and positive. I have never met anyone like her. She is a top notch woman! I even got to scrapbook with her ( i got to sit right next to her) it was so cool! And, her friend Wendy Smedly, she is just a Hoot and a wonderful woman too! 🙂

  3. I heart Stacy too! I have got to meet her, at her house! I just love BPS and She has such a love of life and passion that is infectious. What a great start to posts of people you admire.

  4. I don’t know Stacy, but I know her work which is great.
    I only know you through online, but in my opinion she is very lucky to have you for a friend and mentee. You both are inspiring.

  5. Love Stacy Julian as well and hope she has a very happy birthday!!

  6. Hi May – I first met Stacy thru her book The Big Picture. Loved the book and became a fan.
    Just wanted to let you know I signed up for your class today. Can’t wait!
    And just a note to add to your ‘Creative Journey’ post you did a few days ago – the one thing that I could not do in scrapping and knew that it was not me was glitter. I am not a glitter fan. I know that there are a lot of glitter girls out there but it is not for me. At least I knew from day one when glitter came out as ‘the thing’ it was not for me. I can’t say that about all of the latest and greatest to come out in the scrapping world.
    Okay enough from me. Love what you do

  7. I was lucky enough to take 2 classes from Stacy 5 years ago at CKU. She was just amazing. Had a lot of us in tears of laughter/happiness/sadness because she is so real! I can’t imagine life without BPS! I’ve done so many classes there!

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