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 No books, just some viewable entertainment to be had this week. I have to tell you – I’m having fun documenting what entertains me + sharing. I’ve already gotten some new ideas for things to check out, I’m loving it! I see many books in my future, and lots of happy + warm fuzzy stories too. You’ll understand when you read on…

I never wanted to watch a show about a serial killer. I mean eww, gross, and no way. Yet, too many of my trusted friends love it. Too many times I hear about it’s awesomeness… and ok so Netflix added season 1 to “watch instantly on computer” so I didn’t even have to request a disc. 9 hours (10 episodes) and a week later I’m hooked.

Dexter is such an interesting character, and he’s trained himself to not kill innocents, no he just takes his need to kill out on the true bad guys. Kinda vigilante and awesome really. There are some major twists and “oh no ways” already, and I look forward to see what future episodes and seasons bring. I’m taking some time off from my new TV show love though – need to mix it up!

and yet, just days before trying Dexter I found myself watching Inglorious Bastards. Neither of these seem like my “usual” but it’s like I try to explain – I’m all over the map with my likes!

I’m NOT a fan of Tarantino, but something about this movie made me want to see it anyway. I figured if it was too foul I could just hit stop, eject it, and forget about it. Instead I found myself totally sucked into it – and I really enjoyed it.

Some scenes were LONG, and there were some things I wish there had been more of, but it was pretty awesome all around. Not as much gore as I’d braced for, but you should still go into it with the understanding that “happily ever after” isn’t what’s on the agenda for everyone in the movie. The ending was NAILED perfectly. Oh so perfectly.

I’m a stickler for good endings, and this one had it.

On that note, I find myself wanting to read the chickiest of chick lits available, give myself a pedicure and facial mask, and maybe watch an old musical. This girl has been on the gory side of likes this week, and is ready to go back to other end of spectrum!

What are you loving right now? Got suggestions? Let me know!

8 thoughts on “3.14 Entertainment”

  1. Oh my gosh May-have you watched, “The Blind Side” yet? SOOOO good-but then Sandra Bullock is one of my favorites. You and I both share a passion for Stephanie Plum-and if they ever did base some movies on her books, don’t you think Sandra would make the perfect Stephanie Plum? Who do you think would fit Morelli? Think’in maybe “the Rock” for Ranger. Wanna weigh in anyone else?

  2. how did you like the skinning? 🙂 on the bastards one. I thought I was not going to like it either but we watched it w some friends and after a while we were all into it :).

  3. Hi! Been reading your blog recently! I must say, I LOVE me some Dexter. I ordered showtime specifically for that show! With all the garbage they put on TV these days, Dexter is definately worth watching!

  4. Some one ‘the rock’-esque would be great for Ranger I think. As for Stephanie, did you hear Katherine Heigel has signed on for the part? It’s true! Saw on Janet’s site that she is going to be Ms Plum on the big screen. 🙂

    Morelli? Geez I just don’t know… I just hope that they make the movie a great one!!

  5. “Chuck” for a good tv series. It’s goofy, serious and macho plus it’s just a little chick-flicky but not enough to have guys not want to watch it 🙂

  6. How funny — I’m not a Tarantino fan either, but I Loved Inglourious Basterds. Sure, it was graphic and all that but it was a great movie! Talk about rewriting history!

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