Tim Holtz tools: two thumbs up

A few months back Tim Holtz told me he’d get me hooked up with his tools, and that I’d love them. I remember raising an eyebrow – I’m pretty set in my ways tool-wise and I think highly of the things I use. Ah but I’m not one to be closed minded so I figured why not try them! The “throwdown” of tools accepted, I’ve been working with the tools for nearly 2 months now.

This much is true: Tim Holtz has tools with Tonic and I’d recommend every last one to you. I’m impressed with the quality of the tools, and their usefulness.

The piercer is already a favorite because I don’t stab myself anymore. The fact that it’s retractable is just what this girl needed.

The scratcher is cool – I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface with it’s capabilities though. There’s also a craft knife (not pictured) which I think would be nice for crops and when I’m on the road – but I am having trouble adjusting to the small blade. If I had to choose Tim’s craft knife or my long-time comfort grip Fiskars craft knife – Fiskars would win.

Then there’s this little guy. PAPER DISTRESSING MAGIC I tell you! I’m really excited about this one, and I’ve used the heck out of it. You need one if you like distressed paper edges at all. I am totally in heaven here.

Finally there are these. Non-stick cut almost anything scissors with big comfortable rubber handles. I don’t like them.

I am in LOVE with them!

Seriously – they’ve become my go-to scissors. When I go to clean up more often than not it’s these scissors that I’ve pulled out and used. They go from cutting paper to fabric to trimming bits of felt to thin wire and are still sharp enough for the thread I need to trim. Oh, and the ‘non-stick’ is good. I don’t have any sticky residue from cutting stickers.

Tim promised me at CHA that I’d love his scissors, and to be honest I was skeptical. My Fiskars micro-tips have been my go-to for more than 7 years. He was right though – he’s got a pair of super reliable all-around crafting scissors that are first rate. I’m recommending these scissors, especially to those who want just 1 pair.

All Tim’s fantastic tools are available here: http://store.scrapbook.com/timhobytost.html

I’ll be sharing some projects with these tools soon right here, as well as in my June Big Picture class (where I also give some away!  more info coming in 2 weeks!)

Now as for my micro-tips, they’re still used exclusively in all my detail cutting and when I’ll be cutting for long periods of time.

but did you know they have a competitor for my attention now too? Review/comparison to come soon.

15 thoughts on “Tim Holtz tools: two thumbs up”

  1. thank you *VERY* much for the reviews, especially the scissors…every time i see them i am tempted…it seems like most things with the name of “t!m” are pretty clever, but it’s always good to hear an impartial review! 🙂

  2. Love me some Tim Holtz!!!!! I have every one of those tools and use them often!! I also have the Fiskers micro-tip thanks to you and love love love them! Thanks again!!

  3. I have yet to find a product with his name on it that is not of the best quality. I’m really impressed with the quality control he has on his lines, and the comfort I have in knowing something with his stamp of approval is going to be good.

  4. loved reading your reviews. i’ll pick of those scissors next time i see them. :]
    oh and i’ve had his distressing tool for a couple years now, and it’s still going strong. it’s pretty genius that there are so many slots.
    i also just picked up his tiny attacher after falling in love when i tried a friend’s. i have a feeling i might get another one to replace my general use stapler. haha.

  5. I’ve been eyeing that retractable paper piercer for a long time, but I’m still in love with my Fiskars microtip scissors and won’t be replacing them anytime soon. Thanks for the review!

  6. Love the T’m scissors! Thanks for the review – I think I’m going to have to try his other tools.
    Though, for distressing, I did get Donna’s Diztrezzer. With my neck problem distressing a lot of edges is a little too difficult (and I just love the look). I’ll bring my electric distress tool to our next crop so you can try it (if you do not get one to review before then!)
    Back to Tim Holtz tools – I’m really excited about are his new dies for Sizzix. I saw the videos on his blog and they look very nice! He does make some very well thought out products. That photo scratcher you feature above is one tool I really must try.

  7. A big AMEN to your review! Love all my Tim tools. The best quality. However, I also love the retractable craft blade! I was forever nicking myself on my Xcto knife. Love that the blade retracts. I use my Tim tools everyday.

  8. scratcher? tell me more:)

    I have the scissors and the paper distresser i just bought this last week plus a few inks. i am glad you like the distresser as i haven’t tried it yet. i love the scissors.

  9. I love the retractable blade too, i’m just not adjusting well to it vs the larger size craft knife that I find easier to work with. I’m going to keep trying though, and see if I get better.


  10. Ok, I’m a die-hard Fiskars fan, but hearing your reviews on Timtools has me thinking I should give them a chance. I know I’m already hooked on his distress ink pads so this might be worth checking out.

  11. When it came time to buy some of the spring loaded scissors, my first choice was going to be Fiskars. I have plenty of fiskars scissor for crafts and sewing. But upon looking at Joanns I found the Tonic purple ones you have which I ended up getting. Why? because they automatically came with a blade cover. I know fiskars makes them but they’re not available anywhere I’ve seen their scissors sold locally and also why should we pay extra for safety. At that time I had a very small child and I was concered with her safety. So far so good. They work great and after 4 years they’re still working good as new. I also have some of the Tim Holtz tools. I have the scratcher and the scissors which I absolutely love. They do cut through everything. I’ve been wanting to try the edge distresser but I’m waiting for my Heidi swapp one to go bad. The same thing with the pockey tool.

  12. While I agree that the super sharp (like micro-tip) ought to come with blade cover, to be honest I just loose them eventually so it’s not a big thing to me.

    I actually feel like the tonic just “feels” like a better made product. I’m still comparing, but I’ll be posting a review next week.


  13. Thanks for the reviews … I’ll have to look out for the tools. The scratcher looks really interesting!

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