images on a Monday

I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was peaceful and I’m thankful the sun held on long enough for treats to be retrieved from the yard before the rain pelted us the rest of the day!

Miss Princess continues to nest in my studio as I work… never the same position or spot twice.

and this morning as I checked into my google reader I found myself! Well, more specifically I found a guest post I did for Jenni Bowlin.

You can see the rest of this re-purposed mini book HERE, as well as a second project, a fun crafting tray.

As Miss R gets better (long story short – thought it was pink eye, but it wasn’t. Instead a raging double ear infection + cold on top of it), Miss E and I find ourselves getting the cold now. Getting rest, drinking lots of fluids, hoping to cut this cold off before it gets started.

Here’s hoping this week is wonderful – and full of crafty inspiration!

6 thoughts on “images on a Monday”

  1. AWww.. poor R ! Great photo , but it just kinda pokes at the heart, doesn’t it. Knowing how badly she feels! Get better soon curlylocks!

  2. Take airborne and /or zinc. they really work and cut down the lengh of a cold and seveity fo it as well. Hope you feel better !!

  3. Love the photo of the two girls in their Easter finery. Particularly love their choice of footwear.

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